There are days that pass us as if we had never really lived them. We remember days depending on whether how good or bad it was, or whether an important event has taken place that has somehow changed us, however small it may be.

It was one of those uneventful days for my sister, the English secondary school teacher. It was like any other stressful day with typing up schemes, lesson planning, marking essay and being a referee to year 11 students applying to colleges. What made this day different from all the school days?

I bought a pair of mugs, one blue and one red, and both had messages on them. It’s been probably 2 weeks since I bought them, but it was only today my sister noticed them. We were eating dinner today when she picked up the red mug and said

“I like this mug.”

“Why?” I asked

“Because of the message.”

The message read Keep Calm and Carry On.

I looked at her and she had this sad smile on her face.

“I read this message and it helped me a lot.”

She then smiled sweetly and took a big gulp of water from the mug.

The Big Red Mug

That was all she said. This simple message was able to do something that no human could do. The power of language did it! She will take this moment in her life and probably use it from now on.

This seems like such a trivial thing, and it is, yet this seemingly incidental thing was able to change her perceptive on life.

The mugs were on offer when I bought them. 2 for £3. But the effect it had on her and the ripples that will grow from this moment in her life, is priceless.