Bi Bim Bap is a famous and delicious Korean dish. I tried the dish in a place named after this amazing dish in Soho. Bi Bim Bap means mixed meal/mixed rice.

The Glorious(Vege Option)Tofu Bi Bim Bap!

It is a mixture of a warm bowl of white rice with sauteed and seasoned vegetables and chilli pepper paste. In addition you can get fried or raw egg (which would be cooked in the incredibly hot bowl), meat or tofu for the veges out there.

Now, you probably wondering ‘In what order should I consume this dish?’ Well have no fear, because all you do is mix it all up and enjoy. But be careful, the bowl is so hot, that you don’t want to make the mistake of putting it in your mouth and having to spit it out. I do not jest, its pretty hot (hot as in temperature, not spicy).

Mixed up the food with a bit of the Kimchi on the side

There is so much going on in the bowl that its such a simple yet complex dish to describe in terms of flavour. It was a mixture, of sweet, umami, salty and I guess a bit of all the 5 tastes. I ordered the vege option of tofu, so the dish was sweet but there was the aroma of the vege’s and we ordered Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and Jap Chae (glass noodles pan fried with vegetables seasoned seasame and soy sauce).

Jap Chae (glass noodles) and Kimchi as side dishes

Jap Chae (glass noodles) and Kimchi as side dishes

Finished! The empty Bi Bim Bap bowl. I was sooo stuffed!

Finished! The empty Bi Bim Bap bowl. I was sooo stuffed!

Care to try some Bi Bim Bap? This was my first visit to a Korean restaurant, but hey, the restaurant is named after the dish, so I trust that it is one of the best and most fresh Bi Bim Bap I will find around. The place is small and quaint with friendly service and nice atmosphere. 11 Greek Street,  London  W1D 4DJT: 020 7287 3434 

Or for a detailed look at their menu and what they’re all about, visit their website: