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So today was my final day of work at a Kumon, an English and Maths tuition center that is both national and international. To find out more visit their website: http://www.kumon.com/.

So how did the day start? Well, although there was the strike outside the university and people begged me not to enter the building, I went in to revise to an oral exam and to work on my dissertation.

But I didn’t get off at Oxford Circus that morning, but went to came off the Central Line at Bond Street to walk up to Wasabi. Now let me make this clear. I was desperately craving sushi, so when I found Wasabi to be closed, at 10:00 am, I was very upset!

I thought it better to go to my next best friend Yo Sushi, rather than wait 1/2 an hour for Wasabi to open. I took the bus to Regents Street and went to Yo Sushi. And guess what? The place was closed and would open at 12:00pm!

I was distraught at this point. Oh, and to make another thing clear, this wasn’t a hunt for breakfast, but for lunch. I was hoping to get the food early so that I wouldn’t have to leave the building during the crazy lunch rush.  But my plan failed.

Once entering the university I remembered that I there was this new environmentally friendly vending machine that fills us a plastic bag with healthy juice. So I checked it out and it was pretty cool.

Bottle Green - Elder flower and plum flavour

Bottle Green - Elder flower and plum flavour

It was quite large and worth the £1.20 I paid for it. Healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly : )

So, after trying to get some work done next to a friend whom I always have so much to catch up with, I left uni at 2:20pm on an empty stomach and made it to West Acton station by 2:40pm. I didn’t have long till the 440 bus came at 3:07pm, so went to my new favourite, and quaint local Japanese cafe: Yo Yo Cafe!

For a brief list of what they serve, please visit their website:   http://www.yoyokitchen.co.uk/index.html

YOYO Kitchen

YOYO Kitchen

Opening hours
Mon – Sun 10.00 – 20.00
4 Station Parade, Noel Road,
London W3 0DS
(opposite West Acton tube – central line)
T: 020 8992 1870

Its a place serves fresh sushi with great ice-cream, drinks and other great teats.

So, finally my hunt for sushi was over. Well, it was actually an Inari roll (rice wrapped in fried tofu). The fried tofu is sweet and is tasty whether hot or cold.

Inari Roll and Cream Cheese with Red Bean Doriyaki

Inari Roll and Cream Cheese with Red Bean Dorayaki

Inari Roll: The mystery inside...! It's just RICE!

Inari Roll: The mystery inside...! It's just RICE!

As the first image showed 3 Inari Rolls in the box, I took this picture after chowing down one roll in three bites and then remembering that I needed to slow down! The box was very pretty too!

Cream Cheese and Red Bean Doriyaki

Cream Cheese and Red Bean Dorayaki

The Doriyaki was dessert and I enjoyed it greatly! (surely you guys can tell by now that I have a sweet tooth!) A brief description: wedged between 2 pancakes is a sweet filling. Traditionally it was only Red Bean, but now there is a wide variety: Green Tea Custard, Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea with Mascarpone, Green Tea with Mascarpone and Red Bean, Cream Cheese with Red Bean, Custard, Lemon Custard, Red Bean and Chestnut.

My favourite is everything, apart from Red Bean and Chestnut. These two are sweet, but the Red Bean tastes, what should I say?…too beany!? The aroma of beans hits you with the taste, and what makes it more difficult to appreciate is that the Red Bean paste isn’t fine, but there are sometimes whole beans with the crushed ones and you get bits which is uncomfortable.

Green Tea with Mascarpone and Red Bean and the Cream Cheese with Red Bean is fine, but only because they have the other flavour to disguise the Red Bean, and there are only small bits of it so it’s not too overpowering.

Above is a picture of what it looks like inside. Here’s a link to a video on how to make it. The video shows the instructor using Red Bean paste, but of course you can use other filings:


So after that filling and 10min lunch, I walked to my bus stop to catch the unreliable, and cursed 440!!!

The Unreliable 440 Bus :-/

This bus never came on time. The timetable says every 10-12mins, but it would always come every 15-20 mins. So most of the time you would think the bus is about to come, when 10mins later you’re still standing there…waiting!

There were so many occasions where I walked it quicker to work than the bus. It would either arrive just as I got to the tuition center, or never come at all. I would have lost my job in the second week if I continued to rely on that bus.

But apart from my hatred of that bus, the day was too beautiful to lament on it, and it was my final day in a place I discovered Japanese cafes/restaurants only a 6 months ago.

I went to work, didn’t tell the kids I was leaving, but quietly said ‘goodbye’ and wished them all the best from my heart, and left the place. My work mates were sad to see me leave (of course) and they almost made me cry. It was a great place to work at; great for experience with young children and great as part time job that can be fun and demanding.

So there must have a reason behind my Sushi craving on the day that I was leaving West Acton.

Sayonara. I shant forget thee