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University will be over soon. The first week of April was my final week as a uni student. It feels so strange. For the past 3 years I’ve been in uni, but it feels like a lifetime. These 3 years have been filled with such madness that I’m surprised to know I’m going to make it out alive. Which leaves me with the biggest question I’ve had to ask myself: What next?

I’ve studied all my life and have found an easy part time job only this year, but now that that’s all coming to an end, this question of what will happen next is getting scarier and scarier. At the moment I feel like I’m walking on a road with no lamps to light the way and the darkness is slowly caving in on me.

But, there is a plan: teaching.

I know, this is probably the oldest back up plan of all time. I feel how Jane Eyre must have felt. ‘Oh, how bleak is my future in a world that will not accept my humble education and clothes. I have no choice. I shall have to be a governess and be happy. This is my way out. FREEDOM’

Yet I’m not entirely happy with this.

There was once a time I wanted to become a psychologist. Then a lawyer. Then…well then I didn’t know anymore. But all my life, I was advised to become a teacher. “Your good at teaching. Your natural disposition is perfect for teaching“. So it somehow happened that thinking that teaching could be Plan B, I looked for work experience in places to do with teaching. I’ve been through my fair share of places and all were experiences that have inspired and changed me. So it would make sense that I would eventually become a  teacher, right?

Not necessarily. As big headed as this sounds, I’ve always known that I have the ‘qualities’ of a teacher. I have grown up around many nieces, nephews and children at the many places I volunteered for to know that I had a knack for teaching. But now that I’m actually older and very close to doing it as a profession (finally)…I dislike the idea. Strongly.

Teaching means stability, which means they are the cockroach that will survive the the economic crisis. Now it no longer sounds so bad being a cockroach, but I’ve almost lived my entire life as a cockroach so the reality of it is no longer appealing.

My recent and ongoing experience at a secondary school has confirmed that I don’t want to work with anyone below the age of 16. After 3 years of degree study, I feel like I can no longer deal with the easy stuff. But so far it’s also been a very inspiring few days at the school. But that’s another story (look out for the next post for the continuation of this story!)

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I imagine not being able to simplify my language enough for the kids! YIKES!
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Now, what does the future hold for me?

I am willing to teach, but only at college level. Apart from that, I’ve been thinking about publishing, editing or journalism. These path ways are long, I know, but it’s connected to English which is what I want. I want to make use of what I’ve learnt and to make a career out of it.

Is asking for to much???