I don’t know about the rest of the world, but the weather in London is pretty normal. It’s the summer season but we barely have any sun because the dark clouds and the constant rain is keeping people in doors and the picnic baskets in the shed. But hey, it’s how the weather roles in London Town!

Then again all this strange weather is a plus for students don’t you think? It’s more likely to keep them inside and working hard rather than being tempted to go out.

It’s that crucial time of the year where everyone is doing their GCSE’s, A-Levels, Undergrad, Postgrad etc. who are in panic mode and extreme stress. It’s a mixture of assignment deadlines and exam revision that’s making everyone loopy. I’ve been getting so many random texts from friends telling me they’re drowning in so much revision that they haven’t stepped out of the house or know what day of the week it is. The rain is also contributing to everyone’s depression.

But, we can’t forget that rain isn’t the big problem that we think it is. Look around the world and you’ll see droughts in Africa, Bangladesh, India, Russia, U.S.A and so many other countries. These people are pleading for water whilst we have the luxury to say we don’t want rain but expect it to come back in the Autumn. Even the U.K is suffering drought, just not as bad as the other countries.

Rain is a blessing and as I write this,  I can see the sun and the bright sky. It’ll probably rain again within a few hours (typical London weather) but lucky us, we have the best of both.

We are blessed to have rain and it is something I always enjoy anyway. I’m one of those people who like walking in the rain. Having an umbrella is sooo overrated, except in extreme circumstances like walking out with a cotton tote bag and knowing all your books will be soaked in 2mins flat!


And remember, after rain comes the jolly rainbow.



Inshaa-Allaah (God willing) everyone does well in their exams and assignments.

Happy studying!