I love Green Tea cake! But its expensive to buy and I can’t find it anywhere locally so I have to go out of my way to get it. Which means travelling roughly 8-10 miles! So I thought it was high time I made it myself.

I watched a youtube video, carefully wrote down the recipe and instructions, bought the bits and pieces, and gave it a go. It started off so well.

The Ingredients

The Ingredients: Flour, sugar, honey, egg, vanilla extract, scream of tarter and salt

Things were mixing well, turning the right colour, the texture was how it should have been at the different stages etc etc. So I put it in the oven and expected to take it out after 45mins. But after 45 minutes, it still wasn’t done.

The center was very wobbly and I knew it would take another 45mins. After checking on it after 45mins, it still wasn’t done! I realise now that although the instructions said bake at gas mark 3, I should have increased it since my oven is super slow.

The problem with the cake was that after a few more hours of baking the center was still not cooked properly. So, I presented to the family   uncooked green batter with biscuit hard sides. The taste was totally off and I had to throw it away.

The End Result - Green Tea Cake

The End Result – Green Tea Cake

I was sooooo miserable after that. This isn’t the first time I’ve baked something, and usually first time round I get it wrong. But that’s the thing, its always with baking. When it comes to cooking I’m ok. I’m no expert at cooking and only a few recipes, but cooking is a piece of cake compared to baking!

I followed the instructions from this video and still it went wrong. Now, since mine went fantastically bad, don’t let this deter you from making your own. Watch the video to get a general idea and try it yourself. Hopefully you’ll do better than me!


Have fun ^_^

Below are the pictures I took step by step to post on the blog, but since it didn’t turn out well, its not much!

DISCLAIMER: The images are not in order so don’t follow my pictures as visual steps in making your own matcha cake. Check out the link for that.