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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 8: Today was the day that we all said our piece.

Me and sis confronted the men and told them how we felt. They obviously said they never demanded anything, they never complained etc etc. But then they said something that shocked me, and something I will use as a weapon from now on:

Them: “But we always eat what you give us.”

Us: “Well, duh, of course you would. You have nothing else to eat!”

Them: “No. We don’t really complain, maybe give suggestions and stuff-”

Us: “Well your suggestions drive us crazy. We’re growing grey hair just thinking about what to feed you during Iftaar”

Them: “Well, don’t. Make what you can, and we’ll eat it.”

So, come Iftaar time, they ate what was given to them, and they did enjoy it. I make it sound like me and sis can’t cook and we feed them gruel like food, but our cooking rocks (Mashaa-Allaah) and we always think about what the boys will like and we want to try new things to please everyone.

So Inshaa-Allaah, the boys are on their way to reforming. I make du’a that it lasts till after ‘Eid!

Now, to comment upon something that is affecting us all: the London riots.

Let’s all try to think rationally and not get too worked up about it. We need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones by staying indoors as much as possible. There are those who will be adamant on going to work. Fine, but they should plan on dealing with delayed transport, and need to think about coming home early. Most of the riots begin late afternoon, but especially in the evening. So coming early is at least one safety measure workers can take for the next couple of days.

We don’t know the cause for all this uproar, but one thing is for certain: it’s planned, and is systematic. Look on the news and think about areas that haven’t been affected yet, and you will sadly find very few. The people committing these crimes maybe uneducated, but they have a plan, a network and the destructive drive.

Make du’a that things become better, stay safe, stay together and remember that nothing happens unless Allaah wills it!


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 9: I don’t want to speak to early, but the men are getting better, Alumdulillah.

We made some good food; all ate happily, and prayed in Jama’a. It was a nice evening.

Now, since I have nothing more to say about the usual food fights, I will move on to other things.

These days are very long, but it seems like I can’t do as much ibadat as I want.

This is how the day goes.

Iftaar to Suhur I’m awake so I can read some Qur’an, work and stay awake to set the table for Suhur.

Fajr to 9:30am I’m asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

9:30am to 3/4:00pm I’m cleaning, cooking,  praying Dhuhr.

3/4:00pm to 6/7:00pm I have my nap.

6/7:00pm I pray Asr, and then it’s off to the kitchen to cook the Iftaar stuff.

So far I don’t think it’s really working to MY advantage. The time I have for Ibadat is so small it’s pathetic.

So, I think I’m going to change it.

I’m thinking of staying awake after Fajr and ding as much as I can. That may mean that I have a mid-day nap rather than a late afternoon nap, but it means that after Maghrib I can hit the hey and wake up early enough to pray Tarahwih and stay awake till Fajr.

This should give me more time for myself. This month is all about working on our relationship with Allah (SWA), so Inshaa-Allaah it works.

What do you lot think?  I’ll keep you updated on if it works for me, and maybe you can let me know what timetable you’ve made for yourself for Ramadan and if it’s working or not. Plus, I’m open to tips so don’t hold back and keep me updated!