Sunday, 7 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 6: Well, I’m going to be singing the same song today, just as I did yesterday. There was a buzz of complaints during Iftaar, but after sis and I reprimanded them and threatened them with an all out kitchen strike, they all ate silently with sober faces.

*sigh* Gosh! We want to make an effort with these people because its Ramadan, once a year, special month, lots of spirituality ect etc…but it’s getting to us already. And its only day 6!!! What’s the point in making special food and all that jazz if no one appreciates it?! We go the extra mile, slave away in the kitchen, to receive comments like “Oh, this dish lacks salt” or “Why didn’t you put this in”, and my favourite, “You should have done it like this”. Yeah, well if you’re such experts, why didn’t you do all the cooking?!

Seriously, I feel like us women folk have been seriously underappreciated, and it’s all come to a boiling point this month.  Of all months! When we are meant to curb our emotions, learn control, be more loving and so much more.

I don’t include dad in the despicable group. He’s happy with anything and cooks his own food. It’s just the young whipper snappers that needs the rod!

It would be sooo sweet if all the men went on ‘Itikaaf for the whole month and only came back on ‘Eid. Boy would that be bliss! *sits back and looks into the distance imagining the impossible* I can hope can’t I?!

May Allah help us all control our emotions and make our paths easy. Ameen.


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Monday, 8 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 7: Today was better, Alhumdulillah.

I woke up and came down to find my sister defeated from what happened on day 6, and she declared,

‘You’re cooking today because I’ve had enough’. I laughed, uneasily, but I wasn’t intimidated. I’m not as kind as my sister, so I told her vey simply that “Whatever I cook they’ll have to be happy with it. I won’t look at preferences; I’m going to make things my way”. She was more than happy to leave it all to me. So, since I had already planned on what to make, I relaxed a bit and got on with other things. Albeit, the ‘other things’ were still cooking, but it was for the kids, so I won’t count that as my Ramadan cooking.

There was also a much calmer atmosphere at home. But that was only because all the men were at work today. Me and sis were fine in each other’s company and were able to actually discuss things other than food. Takbeer!

So, when the time grew closer to Iftaar I made some easy food which didn’t take long, and plated it up. I waited for the reaction from the men. None of them made any comment, and they all ate silently. I’m sure mine and my sister’s burst of emotions got through to them yesterday, so they knew not to complain. But I won’t hold my breath; it probably won’t last for long, but it’s something. I did get one comment though: “The food lacked a bit of flavour…and salt”.

I simply replied “It doesn’t lack flavour, just salt.” Everyone else at the table were quick to defend me and my food, including the men.

Plates became empty quickly, everyone seemed full, and so day 7 has passed *sigh of relief*

I’m thinking of making chicken wrap, but my family are so Asian and boring, they don’t like anything that moves to far away from their usual dishes. Well, like I said before, If my sister left it up to be every day, the people would eat, regardless of whether they were happy, or not.

The 10 days of mercy are almost up, but I feel like it’s just begun for me! ^_^