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Friday, 5 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 4: Well, I prefer the rain to hot sticky weather so I was very happy yesterday. However, it meant the washing couldn’t be put out (the only downside!). I spent 4 hours making meat samosas! And the boys thought that they could have the luxury of having half of what I had made!!! Hah! Well, I have it my way at home, and I decide how much to fry! I’ll make these samosas last till next Ramadan if I want! They’ll have to deal with fruit and kisuri for the next 25 days! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Saturday, 6 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 5: I and sis plan a lot for these men; we go to the trouble of looking and starters, main and a desert, but they’re still not happy!

They even had the audacity to ask us to make mean curry and pillaow rice every other day, just because it’s nice and they like it. Me and sister dear made the mistake of asking them what they wanted (well actually, she did) because a few people ate less today due to their being certain dishes that they didn’t like.

So we finally took a stand and told them that it’s not fair that we get stuck in the kitchen all day and have no time for Ibada, whilst they do and they eat the food without thinking about the hardship we went through making it.

Some were humbled by what we had to say, most laughed at us and said ‘Well, it’s not that hard” or “It doesn’t take that long”.

Imagine if I and sis went on strike? That would be one fast to remember. The men only know how to make fried noodles! But that wouldn’t last long.

Appreciation and help is all we women ask for. But even that seems to be asking for too much from these soulless men with cow’s stomachs!

It’s funny how it’s the women who struggle to schedule in their Ibadat, but whilst the men have all the time, they waste their valuable time.  Subhanallah. Maybe it is better that I busy myself with preparing food for the men, than have free time to become idle. Then again, I would not be idle. Idleness is for those who lack Taqwah and this is something that needs to increase in this month.

May Allah protect us all from wasting time in such a blessed month. Ameen.