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Thursday, 11 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 10: Didn’t I say it would be too soon to speak about the reformed attitudes of the men?!

Well, today we had an argument about Iftaar and Suhur. They raised a few valid points, but the rest where all unfair requests.

Ok, here is how it goes down at my Bangali house: We cooked 3-5 curry dishes for Suhur. Not all in one go, but different people decided to cook different dishes on different days, so we ended up with that amount. Now, the men’s complaint is that we are forcing them to eat curry which is 2-3 days old. They say this because 3-5 dishes being available need to be finished before making anymore, and since its Ramadan and the rice and curry are only being eaten once a day, it’s taking a long time for the food to finish. So the men basically want fresh dishes every day. Not my words, their words!

They also complained about having to eat too much vegetable, and not enough meat. These men are carnivores who don’t like vegetable. There was only one vegetable curry, but even that was with chicken, so they’re still not pleased!

Me and sis told them they need to stop expecting meat, finish what is already cooked and then to expect new curry.

Now, the only good point they raised was that some dishes were too spicy. I raise my hand with some shame and admit to cooking that spicy dish. The reason it is considered such a crime is because it’s Ramadan, and if a dish is spicy, people will be spending more time drinking water than eating enough food to sustain them during the long hours. Another reason is because the men all woke up with upset stomachs because of how spicy it was.

So, me and sis seriously went on our first strike today and told the mean to cook their own Iftaar. But later in the day I found out that sis had given in and was making the men’s Iftaar, the special stuff which they have been pestering us to make since the beginning of Ramadan. I was disappointed in her. But, by the will of Allah it was meant to be, as we had unplanned guests arrive for Iftaar, and so we had special food to give. Subhanallah, Allah works in mysterious ways!

Well, almost all the old curries are finished, so we can make new fresh ones for the men to gorge on. Lucky them. I am losing my appetite just thinking about the preparation of food, the fight over food, the wasting of food…FOOD FOOD FOOD!


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 11: Can you believe that it’s already been 10 days of Ramadan?

That’s already 1/3 of the month gone. The 1/3 of Mercy.

Now all we have left are: 10 Days of FORGIVENESS


So, let’s all try and make the rest of the month productive, even if the first days were spent otherwise.

Well, was there a battle today? No, none at all. Do you know why? It was because most of the men were not home, that’s why!!! So that is the only solution: get rid of them all and we women can have a good Ramadan! Hazzah!

Now, I have to share with you all something that really disturbed me today. A friend, who is an Asian Muslim in full Hijab and Jilbab, txt me this morning and told me the following:

“I had to leave my house today. I didn’t want to, but I had to. I was vigilant and I tried to get to my destination as quickly as I could so that I could get home ASAP.

I was walking past East Ham station and there was this Somalian sister in a Khimaar walking out of the station. Then this girl who looked out of control, walked close to the Somalian sister and said something to her.

But as she passed the sister and came towards me, she shouted out “TAKE THAT OFF”.

I jumped up, and I cringed away from her. I was so scared. The funny thing was that people of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds just kept on looking at me, but no one said a word.

What I don’t understand is on the news, there have been no mention of Muslims, so what’s her problem???”

I received this txt at 10:13 am and was sick to the stomach. My friend also mentioned the race of the girl who verbally abused her, but I won’t mention it.

I am not here to cause facebook fight. The point is, my friend assumed that this attack was related to the riots going on across England.

Again, I would like to stress that I am not mentioning this story so that people can go out and cause a riot, but to warn you and inform you that it is very easy for us to become victims of crimes that we are very remote. Brothers and sisters need to be aware of the fact that at the moment, the country is not safe. So, if you have to leave the safety of your home, please try and do so with someone, go earlier in the day, stay in areas where its busy, go quickly and return home safely, and please please think about the consequences of your actions before you do anything.

Stay safe, stay together.