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Saturday, 13 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 12: I didn’t forget to post earlier in the morning; it’s just that my timetable for Ramadan changed, and by the time I realised I hadn’t logged yesterday’s events, I was already in bed.

Well, my timetable wasn’t working out for me. Sleeping during the day and then expecting to stay awake to sleep 10-12 hours later after Suhur was too unrealistic, for me! If I had the time to sleep after I had done my ibada after Suhur, then I would have kept it up. But with the madness that comes with Ramadan, being a girl in the house, the cook, cleaner, baby-sitter etc…it’s not possible. So this may be a plan others can try, if they have less responsibility at home.

Now, my new plan is:

8:30pm Iftaar/Maghrib: Eat LIGHTLY and perform my Salah

10-10:30pm: Be in bed no later than 10:30. Remember the LIGHT Iftaar, well that was to help me be able to sleep early.

01:30am: Wake up to pray Tarahwih (probably will be done in 1hr-1hr & 25min, including the time it takes to make wudu)

02:30/03:00am: Have to heat up the curry, set the table and wake up the folks.

03:00am to Fajr: Eat, pray Tahajjud until Fajr

Fajr: Pray and then hit the hay

09:30am: Wake up to fight another day of moody people, big men and big appetites. Yay -_-

I’ll see how this timetable works out for me, and I’ll let you know.

So, this should work out well Inshaa-Allaah. It means I get my required hours of sleep at night. As Allaah says in the Glorious Qur’an, night has been made for sleep. And Subhanallah, I didn’t realise how important this ayah was until 2 days ago. On Thursday I switched off my alarm for 09:30am and I didn’t wake up until 12:35pm. Then later in the day I was knocking off and I took another nap from 05:30pm-07:40pm. You see, I was so tired that even sleeping for 8hrs 1/2 I was still tired and had to sleep again for another 2 hrs, and even then I was still tired after Maghrib. My lack of sleep during the night for the past 11 days left me exhausted; this meant that all those hours of sleep during the day was a means of making up the hours of sleep at night that I had missed. I’ve realised that no hours of sleep during the day can make up for lost hours of sleep at night. Subhannalh. Allaah knows his creation, and he has rightly said that night is a time of rest for us, and the day is for work.

Lesson: There can be days were you need to stay awake at night, but at some point you need to rest at night.

Key word: Balance

Further comment: Allahuakbar!!!

Oh, and I can’t end my post without a few words about the usual food wars.

We had a few leftover food from the day before, and when we told the men that they would be eating as their Iftaar, they flipped! So, to keep the peace, we prepared a few extra things. Then they were happy.

I mean, where do these men expect the food go after it’s not finished in one sitting?!

A nice Bangali saying: ‘It’s your eyes that do the eating, not the stomach’

Meaning: You think all the food your eye beholds will not be enough, but in the end, it’s just ‘the hunger of the eyes’


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 13: Due to the change in my timetable, I will now be writing closer to midday, rather than early morning.

The timetable is working out well for me. More sleep means more energy to do things.

Let’s get this clear. There are 4 men in the house. Let’s give them letters: (A) doesn’t complain at all,

(B) Doesn’t say anything but you can see the dislike on his face, and the last 2, (C) & (D) complain the most (but (D) is THE one who is the first to complain and the one who does the most of it).

(C) came home from work yesterday and said;

(C): You know what guys?! I’m not going to complain anymore. Whatever you guys give me, I’ll eat it.

Me and sis: Are you saying that because you’re hungry after working all day, or do you really mean that?

(C): I really mean that. I won’t complain anymore. And anyway, I’ve always eaten whatever you’ve given me!

Me and sis: Of course you did! Because you had no other choice!

(C): Yeah, but that’s all changed now.

Me and sis: What’s caused the change of mouth?

(C): I’m tired of all the arguments. It’s Ramadan, and I don’t want to be fighting over food.

Me and sis: Alhumdulillah, one of them sees sense!

I made the Iftaar meal yesterday, and Alhumdulillah, they all loved it. Do you know why? Because I listened to their complaints. They don’t like much vegetable, they need bold flavours, they like spice and anything that is still Asian.

So, I went according to that, and they all praised the food. I have realised that you have to give them what they like, but that the food doesn’t have to be lavish. What I gave them was not lavish food, but it was simple and there was enough to go around.

So, this concludes yesterday’s episode of Food Wars.