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Saturday, 20 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 19: Yesterday was the easiest Iftaar that has been prepared in this house yet. Why? Because we served up ready-made individual pizza, fried some samosas, cut some fruit and some mishti/mitai/asian sweets.

People (the men) complain less now. Because each time they do, we give them a right earful about how inconsiderate and ungrateful they are. It must be fear of argument that’s stopping them, if not realisation. Well, whatever it is, Inshaa-Allaah may it keep up

The last 10 Day of Ramadan has commenced: 10 Day of Seeking Refuge from the HELL FIRE

Remember to recite ‘Allah humma a’uthubika minnannaar’ as frequently as you can.

It means ‘I seek refuge from the Hell Fire’.

This is also the month for FORGIVENESS. So ask for Allah for forgiveness, forgive others and make du’a that others forgive you.

If I have ever done anything to hurt anyone, intentionally, or unintentionally, please please please FORGIVE ME.

I too forgive anyone for any wrong they have done me. I hold no grudge against anyone, Inshaa-Allaah


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 20 & 21: I didn’t get the chance to write on the 20th, so this will be a combined log of both days.

Day 20: It went easy again. These days me and sis stress less over what we’re giving, and just serve what we like.

So we did just that. The men are more aware of our annoyance at them, so these days they just ask what they’re getting and on hearing the reply they only say “Oh, ok”

Day 21: We made it bigger; serving Tandoori with meat Pillaow rice. They all loved it. But one of them (there’s always one) who had to ask “Where’s the sana (chic peas)?” So we put him straight by reminding him that he has so much already, why does he need more. He was in front of dad so he didn’t say anymore.

The fact that we are in the last 10 Days makes me more irritable; I fear spending most of it on dishes and cooking.


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 22: It was quiet. The kids were gone, there was less to cook, less noise, and although I didn’t cook, there were all the little things that needed to be done. It’s still not fair that I had to clean up after the men; they cooked, fine. But they left such a mess afterwards, that I was still cleaning it up the next day.

Ya Allaah, maybe they can’t multitask, but please help them become more organised. Ameen.