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Monday, 29 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 28: There has been great mercy over the last few of days of Ramadan; a lot of the men were missing at the table because of work and such, which meant that I didn’t have to do much. Actually, I didn’t do anything: we got take-away, again!

I think we have brought home fast food no less than 3 times. It’s always the men who miss their chicken and chips, but hey, sis and I don’t complain. If it means less cooking and cleaning, we’re up for it.

It was very quiet at the table, so fights, no fuss, just peaceful eating.

It’s sad to know that today could be the last day of Ramadan. Subhanallah, the month has gone by so quickly.

I have many regrets. Obviously, the food wars have been the biggest black spot for in the month. But I terribly want the month to be extended; just so I can do all the things I wish I could have done.

But, I can’t lose hope; I need to make up for Ramadan over the next 11 months before the next Ramadan.

I need to make each moment as productive as I can over the next year. It’s my 3rd and final year at university, so it needs to be a productive year anyway, but I also need to be productive in terms of making time for both: study of degree, and study of the deen (Religion).

May we all have a productive last few hours of Ramadan (as it’s still not too late) and may the rest of the year be a reflection of the good changes we have made to ourselves and our attitude in Ramadan. Ameen.


Ramadan Diaries 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RAMADAN Day 29: It was a relief to know that it would be the last day of Ramadan. Not because I wanted the month to end, but because it would be the end of the food wars. It sounds really retched of me to say so, but I’ve felt so sick this month, that it actually came to this. Astagfirrullah (May God forgive me).

But oh how I miss the month already. It went by without me being able to truly appreciate it and be a part of it.

Subhanallah, I feel sooooo sad that it’s gone and I missed it. I was present during this month, but my time was vacant of much happiness.

Well, next year, Inshaa-Allaah will be different. To compensate, it’s got to be different. I have to make it up to my Lord and I have the rest of this year and next Ramadan to show that I am not a hopeless servant.

Also, let’s not forget that after all this woe, came a light at the end of the tunnel:


“Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum”: May Allaah accept from us and you our good deeds. Ameen.

This concludes Ramadan Diaries 2011. Till next year folks, Inshaa-Allaah (God willing).

Keep me, my family and the rest of the Ummah (all the people on this Earth), those who are suffering and those who we do not know, in your du’as (prayers).

Macena. C