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I’m a new blogger and 2 people have been kind enough to nominate me and support my blog. They are . Thanks a lot you two 😀

Here is snippet from a post from their blog. I really enjoyed it and hope you go on to read the rest of their blog yourself:

Sun and fun in Busan: Part 1

What, you may ask, awaited Aneesa and Faraaz when they walked outside??!!  Cats and Dogs.  Yes, cats and dogs were falling from the sky in the form of water.  Disoriented by the downpour of H2O, the undeterred couple did not have fate on their side when they tried calling 4 times for a cab to take them to the train station with no luck. They tried hitch-hiking (no luck either) but eventually a random taxi came toward them amidst the sheets of rain…

So there are these rules I have to follow for this award:

♥ Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

♥ Describe 7 things about you.

♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers.

7 Things about ME!

 1) I am a British/Bangladeshi, but not very cultural in the least! I’m a mixture of sorts. I have some traditional and modern views. My religion comes first, but as far as country is concerned, I feel like I belong to both! So I’m not very patriotic…

 2) I love ANIME! What is it? The word itself is short for ‘animation’ but ‘anime’ refers to a style of drawing that comes from Japan. It’s not only about the lovely colours and huge eyes the characters have, but its the original and creative story lines that come with it that’s hard to find in western cartoons. Especially these days. I loved Tin Tin and Hey Arnold! but anime stole my heart at a young age and I’m still in love with it!

 3) I love to eat Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Tai food! This stemmed from my interest in the Chinese language as a child which lead to me learning it for over 3 years (more specifically Mandarine) and through the language I was introduced to the food. Since I started this blog I have written about Japanese and Korean food so don’t forget to check out my post on both.

 4) I love eating most fruits, but there’s one fruit I hate peeling: Oranges! I love most things sweet, even if it is a citrus fruit like an orange, so I like Clementines and Mandarine. There was a time where if I wanted an orange I would beg someone to peel it for me, otherwise I wouldn’t eat it. I hate the smell that remains on your fingers after peeling! And if I desperately wanted one, I would peel it quickly and wash my hands till I could smell it no more on my hands. This was roughly 3-7 washes. I would know if someone had eaten an orange because of the smell on their hands. Till this very day I still wash my hands 3-7 times and don’t allow anyone with orangey smelly hands to touch my belongings. I peel oranges quite freely now, but the smell haunts me still…!

 5) I’m a Korean Drama (kdrama) addict, just as I am an anime addict. Again, this was discovered via experiencing the food and language. The dramas usually use the same old plot but they all have their own twists and the comedy is top-class!


 6) The only sport I’m good at is badminton. I was only good at football if I was the goalie, other than that I was the looser who stood on the side.





 7) I have the paperbacks of the Twilight saga. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fan fan’ but I did enjoy reading the books. I’m not a ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’, I’ll leave that to the Twi-hards! These aren’t books that are at the top of my ‘Books to read before you die’ list but I’m a vampire fiction reader and have been since my early teens so it was a given that I would look at the ratings on amazon and get the books. They aren’t the greatest books in literature, but I enjoyed reading them and I enjoyed some of the humor and sarcasm. Just putting it out there before I get spammed by Twi-haters .


Now that you know a bit more about me, now its your turn. Below are the 15 bloggers who are worth checking out: