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Saturday 21 July 2012:

What can I say, everyone is behaving really well this year. We prepared more things yesterday and people seemed happier for it.

There really is no drama to report. But one thing that did annoy me was when we couldn’t leave the house for about 4 hours because the Olympic Torch was passing through my area. What a bummer!

I’ve put our ‘Coconut themed’ feast pics at the bottom, but before you check that out I have a more pressing matter to call your attention to.


This is a matter regarding the 2 million Muslims who are leaving Islam due to the lack of guidance and facilities out there for them. Although Indonesia may be considered the largest Muslim populated country, that will soon decline in a few years if this continues to happen.

As a practicing Muslim I am shocked and worried about my brothers and sisters in Indonesia who are not exposed to enough resources to help them understand their religion.

The aim of the project: To raise £1.5 million/$2 million to open and successfully run a T.V channel in Indonesia for the Muslims, especially the youth, in Indonesia so that it can be a means of creating more awareness and information on Islam, for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Religion isn’t blind following, it’s a way of life. Islam is more or less taken away from those who aren’t getting any help in how to live their lives. So they see no other way but to fall out of the fold of Islam.

The website is well made and has given you links to publicize the cause.

Facebook, tweet, blog, print and share the posters. Do what it takes this Ramadan to help someone re-connect with their faith. Also, you can donate to the cause. A little help can go a long way. All proceeds go solely to the cause.

The feats!

The feats!

Plating up. It's never a buffet, otherwise people would always end up with more than others

Plating up. It’s never a buffet, otherwise people would always end up with more than others
Rice pudding with Coconut. I LOVE rice pudding. I'm a not-so-secret-anymore Muller Rice addict!

Rice pudding with Coconut. I LOVE rice pudding. I’m a not-so-secret-anymore Muller Rice addict

My Iftaar: Coconut Themed

My Iftaar: Coconut Themed