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Mon 23 July 2012:

I woke up early to pop into university and collect my annotated dissertation from my senior lecturer in Creative Writing. It must have been close to 30 degrees and I walked in the shade as much as possible, but it wasn’t so bad, walking in the heat.

Once I picked up my dissertation from the office and was on the train home, I felt so excited and giddy inside; although I had only handed in 2/3 of my planned novella, I felt like I had practically given in my work to a publisher and received feedback. The comments were mostly positive, which was a genuine surprise, and I had no qualms about the suggestions made about improving my writing. I’m sure people on the train were looking my way, purely because of how flushed my cheeks were and from the stupid smile that refused to leave my face.

I wanted to celebrate my achievement but since I couldn’t get anything to eat, I thought I would visit one of my favourite stores, TIGER, and I bought lantern coloured chain of lights for only £6!

Colourful chain lightsThey look so warm and fun. After all the painting and fitting on new carpets, I felt the room needed something to jazz it up. Cool right?!

So after buying other random but awesome things from the store I slowly returned home (thanks to the Olympics starting this week there is traffic everywhere!). Fixed the lights, and found mum and dad leaving for an invite for iftaar at a relatives. So we were down my 2 people out of usual 10.

I felt quite tired by 4:00pm and thought that if I slept at least 1 hr 1/2 – 2hrs I would be able to function properly in the kitchen later on. I slept for 1 hr 1/2 woke up refreshed and went down to work away in the kitchen. But it turned out there wasn’t much to do. We still had leftovers from the day before (pillaow rice and pakura) so we only made a sweet dessert with semolina and kisuri.

Our first leftover iftaar. I remember how last year the men refused to eat leftovers, which was ridiculous because where did they think all that extra food would go?! Te fact that they ate silently-ish and didn’t moan about it too much is a sign that they are finally growing up. Aww…

Day 4's Iftaar. The was fresh kisuri, left over pakura, a whole plate full of fruit and the semolina dessert

Day 4’s Iftaar. The was fresh kisuri, left over pakura, a whole plate full of fruit and the semolina dessert

But still we had lots of leftovers from the meal again. I mean the amount of fruit we eat is enough to be counted as one meal!

A good end to a good day. I felt so uplifted after getting positive feedback for my novella. It’s still in progress and I am working on it now bit by bit. I plan on publishing it soon, so I’ll let you all know when to keep an eye out for it.

Till tomorrow…