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Tuesday 24 July 2012

It’s always difficult to wake up for the sunrise prayer, Fajr, but come Ramadan time and you need to wake up even earlier to eat enough to keep you functioning through the day, it’s a more complicated story.

I prefer to nap during the day (no more than 3hrs and no less than 1hr) so that I may stay awake for Suhur rather than sleep and wake up in a panic after switching off my alarm. This year Iftaar (the breaking of the fast) is around 9:00pm and suhur (meal before sunrise to begin the fast) is around 3:20. So the gap is very small and by the time people have prayed the long prayer specific to Ramadan, known as Tarawih, after breaking the fast it’s 01:00am.

So where does the problem start? Well, if someone goes to sleep and you have to wake them up only 1 hr later, it’s a battle between you, them and the bed sheets. I choose to stay awake so it’s naturally my duty to wake everyone up. So this is usually how it goes:

Me: Ma! Ma! Ma! Wake up!

Mum: Yeah…yeah. I’m…awake [she lifts her head off the pillow and squints at me in the dark]

Me: Dad! Dad! Wake up! You have to eat. We don’t have much time left.

Dad: Mm-mmm-mah-mmm…

[Macena walks to the room next door, gently pushes open the door, walked purposefully to the bed and places her hand on her brother’s shoulders]

Me: Hey, wake up. It’s time for suhur. [she pushes him as she speaks] Wake up! Quickly! Otherwise you won’t be able to go to the toilet. There’s going to be a que outside once everyone wakes up. Come on, wake UP!

Brother: [he nudges Macena’s hand away] I’m tired! I just went to bed…

Me: Come on, wake up! [Macena pulls away the duvet but he angrily grabs at it and pulls it over his head]

Me: I can’t stand here any longer! I have to use the bathroom. It’s nearly 3:00. GET UP!

Brother: I will man! Just go! [he wiggled his head out from under the cover and turns away from her]

Me: Fine. [she leaves the room, but not before switching on the table lamp]

Brother: Aw man…switch it off you idiot!

[Macena doesn’t reply. She ignores him completely and looks into the previous room to find her mother sitting up with her head bobbing from side to side as she tries to keep her eyes open]

Mum: I’m…awake…I’m…coming…

This actually sounds quite tame, but in reality it’s a lot worse. It’s so much drama when all these people had to do was stay awake for another 1hr and they would have saved me the trouble of spending 10mins trying to wake them all. Really, I’ve times it. 10mins plus at times!

But the worst part is when they say “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” When it took them 10mins to get out of bed after fighting with me and another 10 in the toilet!

I’ve imagines using buckets of water instead of just using my voice, but if I did that…it would have been the slaughter-house for me!

Tip: To avoid being the households morning crier, use a speakerphone!

Till tomorrow…