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Being constantly in the kitchen these days I’m more aware of how much water is used and abused. I’ve always been careful with my water usage and I encourage others to be too.  But it’s especially tough to make the younger generation understand the remember to sue water wisely.

Only the other day I told a niece of mine that we have a drought in England this summer and last year was the same. Do you know what she said?

What? We’re in a drought? I didn’t know. I thought we had plenty! ”

My jaw dropped and she looked at me like I was the idiot! This is how clueless the younger generation is, and if truth be told, so was I at 14. It’s all about raising awareness and building in our family and friends an awareness of the problems of the world. I felt that her response wasn’t simply because she didn’t see adverts or the big billboard signs around London, but because she found it hard, almost impossible, to believe that a first world country could have a drought.

We use water for so many things and the places in which it is used most often are kitchen and toilet sinks in the homes.

Mostly from the images you can see that the south and east of England have been suffering the most. Even I didn’t know the drought had spread that far.

At iftaar we drank bottles and bottles of water from the fridge because of how hot it was. It made be feel so blessed to know that I even have a fridge to keep my water cool, when there are those who don’t have any water at all.

So small ways in which we as a family try to save water are:

  • To use mugs instead of letting the tap run
  • Tightly closing the taps to make sure there’s no water dripping
  • Reusing sink water in the garden
  • When making wudu (ablution before prayer) we use mugs
  • Not using the water guns (as fun as it is, it’s a waste of a liters of water without you knowing

So do your part in saving water this summer. Furthermore, there are countries in the world who have been suffering a drought longer than England, and what better time to donate than in the month on Ramadan.

Human Appeal International, Muslim Hands UK, Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief are all working tirelessly to raise money to make water wells, pumps, and sanitize rivers for Less Economically Developed (LED) countries or those who have suffered disasters. Please visit these sites by clicking on the names of the organisation and you will be helping a child somewhere who will be able to drink clean water.

These organisations are not only giving our donations to Muslims, but people all around the world who need it most. It just so happens that “Muslim world, living standards are often low and many families face hardship. One in four people in Muslim countries – 394.5 million people – live in extreme poverty, under the international benchmark of $1.25 a day” and Muslims populate 1.5 billion, 1/4 of the world’s population http://www.brookings.edu/.

Muslim or non-Muslim is besides the point. What matters is that people in need are being helped.

On a lighter note, my iftaar was more about fruit than ever today, and all because of…

That’s right! Pakistani mangoes are the only mangoes we buy and this year they are the sweetest and most juiciest mangoes I have had. We can’t get enough of them.

The iftaar feast was lacking in something: the men. They were all out so we kept things simpler.

Also, we had 2 loaves of bread so we had to get rid of them somehow. With one we made Fried Sweet Croquet and with the other we made chilli eggy bread.

*Soon I’ll be posting the recipe of the Fried Sweet Croquet

Look at those colours! And the bite in the eggy bread on the left was by me 😀

Till tomorrow…