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It sounds like I’m 2 days late, but the Olympics are really interesting. Team GB seem to be doing really well, but so are Team China, everyone’s greatest worry! In total, so far, China have won 17 medals, whilst GB have won 3 medals, none of which are Gold. But there’s still time.

So I spent some time watching it from home and waited to see if it would rain like it did on Sunday. The cyclists had a rough time when the heavens finally opened and poured out rain like a waterfall.

But today there was good weather, although most of the sports I watched were indoor ones and the folks at home have gotten used to fasting. People always ask “Oh, isn’t it hard?” “Don’t you get thirsty?” “How can you not eat?” but to answer all questions, it’s simply this: when you’re doing it for a higher purpose and your committed to it body and mind, things are made easy.

So, what did we have today? After arguing with the men it was decided to get some frozen pizza, curly fries and chicken burgers. Easy enough right? NO! Even with the dishwasher there were lots of huge bowls and plates to wash. It was kitchen mayhem!

Till tomorrow…