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Mum is the head chef of the house, dad is the retired ex-head chef (although he doesn’t accept it!), my older sister is the sous chef, and I am just the cook, or the understudy.

Now, as the understudy I have to take up all the disliked and menial jobs in the kitchen and beyond. This means being the waitress and everyday for Ramadan me and mum are dancing around the table making sure everything is where it should be.

I didn’t eat much for suhur (meal before sunrise) so I for the rest of the day I felt weak and my stomach was talking to me all day. When I took my nap it moaned before I fell asleep and it reawakened when I woke up.

We start prepping for iftaar about an hour and a half before it’s time so all I could manage to do was cut the fruit and set up the table. Come 5mins to sunset I was about to pick up my plate and get settled in when I was shouted.

Macena! Why haven’t you poured out the water from jug into everyone’s glasses?”

I looked at the empty glasses and wished so badly I had Superman’s heat vision power so that I could have obliterated those shiny glasses!

Oh” was all I said.

How could you forget. Quickly, it’s almost time

I looked round the table and no one spoke out and said ‘It’s o.k, we can pour our own glasses’. Instead, they all actually sat there, waiting for me.

I don’t mind if it’s serving mum and dad. Heck, if they asked me to feed them I would do it! But there were the boys again, at the table, just waiting for me to pour the water. I don’t need help hold a jug and tipping it but it have been nice if someone gave me some back up and started pouring it themselves into the glasses.

I was tired and I was just standing there, I was resting! I probably looked liked a slacker.

Couscous. Of course, ours was more yellow and had more flavour!

Couscous. Of course, ours was more yellow and had more flavour!

Oh, and I had couscous for Iftaar. I was just too busy pouring water at the last minute to take any pictures :-/

Till tomorrow…