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We have battles over food everyday anyway, but I thought today may be one without the topic of meat coming up. But in a house were the women are outnumbered…it was bound to crop up again.

It was Friday prayers so the guys were out most of the day. But as soon as they came home they announced they wanted meat and they did it in such a sly way…!

I’m talking about one person in particular here, this time not all of them plotted this move. He came home after prayer and with bags of shopping because mum had asked him to get a few things. He then shows mum a packet of ready-made paratah and says “I got this large packet today and, well, do you think we could eat it today again?” Mum agreed so then I intervened and said “Let’s have paratah with e-” but I was quickly cut off by him when he said even louder “It’s best with meat. Why don’t you guys do this: cook the meat properly and then it will go sensationally with the paratah!

Two things about what he said really got on my nerves:

  1. He said “cook the meat properly“. When have we ever not cooked a meat dish properly?
  2. Why does it have to be with meat? Something we spend so much money on buying, and then finishing it off within a few weeks?

Do you see how he did it?! He brought along all the ingredient necessary to cook meat and to accompany it, so he could tactfully make it seem like it was no big deal to cook meat and to show how he desperately wanted it. Now, even I would have a tough time turning down someone who went to great lengths to make sure they got the dish of their choice prepared, and mum’s a real softy. So she also agreed.

So imagine, if mum one day turned around and said ‘Everyone, we’re going veggie for the rest of Ramadan‘…what could possibly happen?

Apart from basic complains of Oh, this is rabbits food, a dog gets more meat than we’re getting, there’s only so much fiber my stomach can take and the trips to the toilet are too much.

Knowing them, they would try to find a way out of it and there are only two options:

  1. They make sure they are invited for iftaar somewhere. Meat or chicken is usually served when guest are invited so they would try their luck there
  2. The only time they would be far away from home and would have time to tuck into a take away meal would be for the evening prayer (tarawih)

In the end, mum cooked chicken instead of meat, but the men still succeeded.

Till tomorrow…