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It was crazy! From morning till around 6:30pm we were prepping. You see, with guests you have to leave time enough towards the time of arrival just in case they come early.

Mum did most of the cooking, as the head chef, and as the understudy I did my best and helped out as much as she would allow me. You see, in our household, there is only room for one cook at a time in the kitchen. If any more get involved, there’s always chance of stuff burning or fingers bleeding.  No seriously, I ended up nearly peeling off most of my thumb. It’s still in bad shape today. I needed 2 plasters overlapping one another to stop the bleeding!

So what did we make:

Vegetable biryani, meat kebab, meat samosa, cheese rolls and lots of fruit.

Day 16 The Feast at Table 2

Day 16 The Feast at Table 2

There were a total of 14 of us in the house, so naturally the guests sat at the dining table (Table 1) and the rest of us, including the men, sat in the living room at Table 2. It was cramped, but it was fun. Like how part of the fun of going camping or sleepovers is that you’re all close together and talk about anything.

Another thing with having guests round is battle for the bathroom. After we ate there was a   run for the toilet. But luckily the guests didn’t need to go. Still, there are 10 of us in the house anyway, so there’s always a scramble.

Till tomorrow…