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Often we cook more than necessary, just in case anyone wants seconds. But usually there is food left over, which to most people of common sense would mean that that food will need to be finished in order to ‘finish’ right?

Wrong! According to the Y species at home they think it must vanish into thin air and they will never have to see it again. So when they see yesterday’s food on the table they stick up their noises and ask “Is there nothing else to eat?” as if we’re giving them scrapes or something. When we say have to first finish the leftovers they stay silent and look unhappily at their plate of food.

Day 17 The Feast

Day 17 The (leftover) Feast, to the dismay of many!

A friend once suggested I threaten the men by saying ‘I will poison your food if you complain about it, eat it, then complain about it some more’ but that would just encourage them to have takeaway later whilst they were out. Plus mum wouldn’t approve of poisoning…

So what exactly did we have that was leftover? Vegetable biryani, meat kebab and samosa. The men always make this point when we give them ‘the look’ : “Fresh food tastes better“. Yes, it does. But it’s funny how they complain when there isn’t enough when we cook simple things, but when there is plenty and even some to spare they aren’t willing to finish it! It really drives us up the wall! So you can see, that we are expected to cook fresh food every day but if there just happens to be leftovers, we shouldn’t mention it to the boys. It’s practically taboo!

This whole leftover business meant that my iftaar was a little odd today. We were all forced to kinda finish it all:

Day 17 My Iftaar

Day 17 My Iftaar

But dessert was nice and easy:

Dessert - Muffins!

Dessert – Muffins!

Till tomorrow…