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I came downstairs after a restless nights worth of sleep and I’m instructed to be ready in the afternoon by 7:00pm because my brother’s childhood friend invited us over for iftaar.

I’m super excited because it means I don’t have to cook! So the rest of the day went with me doing odd jobs around the house and helping cook as much as possible before leaving in the afternoon.

As sad as this sounds (because it kinda is!) this is my first iftaar invite. Now, this year for the whole family, invites for iftaar have been pretty rare because of the small gap between iftaar and suhur (meal before sunrise) so people hesitate to have family over because it means you’ll be pulling like an overnight shift.

It was nice to be at someone else’s place for once. This also mean you have the opportunity to try new things and beg for recipes! So, we got to the house an hour early and spent time catching up and playing with their 11 month old son who was a dribbling so much, he left a snails trail behind him!

Day 20 The Spread

Day 20 The Spread. The hosts don’t keep much furniture so we all spread out on the floor and ate. It was fun! And no, foot doesn’t put me off my food. If you didn’t notice them, I’m sorry for mentioning it :-/


Day 20 My iftaar. There's a lot going on there. Samosa, cheese rolls, daal pakura, biryani, and a slice of egg pudding

Day 20 My iftaar. There’s a lot going on there. Samosa, cheese rolls, daal pakura (lentil pakura), biryani, and a slice of egg pudding



6 of us were out of the house so that left 4 people at home having iftaar. Mum and dad had a really simple iftaar and I know mum was happy that we were gone. Less people to worry about! 😀

Till tomorrow…