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Do all mothers do this or does my mother-daughter relationship reflect trust issues? Mum went to lie down and I took charge of cooking the food for suhur and for iftaar. But as soon as she heard the onions frying and me clattering around the kitchen she more or less jogged into the kitchen, moved me aside with a wooden spoon and cooked everything herself.

Come one ma, can you make it any more obvious that you don’t like my cooking?!

So, after I stood back and watched mum whiz around I took time out and watched some cartoons with my nephew. You know the usual, Ben 10: Alien Force, Young Justice, Batman etc. So I didn’t pay much attention when dad announced that he had been planning on making roti with rice flour for some time. I didn’t hear mum’s reply but I’m sure she said something along the lines of “No, not today. We’re having chicken wrap so we’ve already bought the roti“.

Closer to iftaar time, about 40mins left to go, I go back into the kitchen and see dad rolling out roti and flipping them over a hot cooker. There was a flour-storm and we all struggled to navigate our way in and out of the kitchen. Dad was dishing them out like he was planning on feeding an army and mum was trying to regain control of the kitchen, but alas, dad came out victorious.

Mum accepted she could do nothing and stepped back to give dad full reign over the cooker. Even when it was 5mins to iftaar time he was still standing over the cooker, covered in flour and flipping away.

Day 21 Dad's rice flour roti

Day 21 Dad’s rice flour roti

We were all dreading what would happen once he came to the table; we as children would have to make a careful choice of food.

  1. There was choosing the bought roti over dad’s home-made ones to have our chicken wrap
  2. There was going 50/50 and having the bought and the home-made one
  3. Then there was just having dad’s roti

It would be too much if we went 50/50 so dad’s roti ended up being the only casualty of this battles as we all had our wraps in the bought roti. Sorry dad!

Day 21 My iftaar

Day 21 My iftaar

Yeah, I know the fruit is piled over the wrap and it’s touching the wrap, but to me, food is food and if contact is made, I’m not fussy. In my house, if you don’t get the fruit early on, it’s gone! Simple.

Papaya!!!! It's like caviar in my house. An expensive treat and only bought occasionally

Papaya!!!! It’s like caviar in my house. An expensive treat and only bought occasionally

Dad was practically throwing his roti at everyone, making sure we all had at least half, if not a whole of his roti.

Day 21 The Feast

Day 21 The Feast

Filling for the chicken wrap

Filling for the chicken wrap

Score: Mum – 1 | Dad – 0

Till tomorrow…