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‘In a time not far from now, there lived a small and happy family in a quiet village. But then the one night when the moon was full and it was declared to be the beginning of Ramadan, everything changed.

The people say that with the month comes people go either 2 ways: either the path of patience & gratefullnes or the path of greed & impatience.

And upon the house in the middle of the village fell both good & evil equally on the household. The month went by with many arguments and tears that was breaking the house apart. The middle of the month had less strife, but towards the end of the month the menacing emotions reared their ugly heads and caused unhappiness once again.

On the 27th day it began as normal and none of the women assumed that the day would end as it did. It had been decided that they would prepare a simple iftaar with ready-made food. Come closer to sunset they began setting the table and heating ready-made food called ‘pizza’ and ‘chicken burger’.

When the men entered the sacred quarters of the house, the kitchen, they looked at the food and sighed deeply.

One said “I’m sure no meat has been cooked in this house for the past 10 days!“. Another “All that’s made in this house is rice and vegetables. Why don’t you cook meat for often?

The women were shocked by how untrue the comments were and defended themselves as best they could, but in the end they suggested something; “Why don’t you men cook meat tomorrow for iftaar? Since what we make is never enough or to your mammoth appetites, you should prepare what is suitable to you for once.”

The men agreed to take on the challenge, although the women already knew that it would only be one man cooking out of the rest, and that it would still fall on the women to help out.

But since tomorrow’s tale is yet to unfold, today’s sorrow has been told and evidence of the “pitiful meal” has been taken for other to judge.

© 2012 Asian omelette

© 2012 Asian omelette. Dad likes it well done…!

© 2012 My failed attemt at making sesame snaps

© 2012 My failed attempt at making sesame snaps. It should have turned out like a large slab of biscuit when I took off heat and placed it in a tray, but I did that too quickly before the sugar had melted. Thus, leaving me with sesame crumble.

© 2012 My iftaar

© 2012 My iftaar. There is a burger behind the lazy salad, but my plate isn’t a good example of what we did prepare. And we haven’t many quick iftaars, so who can blame us for assuming we could have a day off in the kitchen?!

To be continued…