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Although it was the last day of Ramadan, it felt like it had already ended; we were all in ‘Eid mood already and busy planning what we would eat for the celebration.

Yes, I’m serious. I wasn’t joking when I said that even the celebration would be all about food. I mean, how could any celebration not?! But what’s funny is that no woman steps out of kitchen till the day after ‘Eid.

So, the day before ‘Eid is always about prep for the celebration. The day before mum had cooked a few dishes and put them away for Sunday so she was relaxed about the big lunch: on ‘Eid it is impossible to know who will come. You could have as little as 5 or as many as 50 in a day. I’m not kidding! Hence why mum was panicking on Friday.

But this morning me and my sister took charge and had the kitchen to ourselves. We decided on doing the deserts first to get them about of the way. I don’t want to ruin the surprise (or not, if your Asian and are celebrating ‘Eid and will predict what we will make) so I’m only going to post the pictures post ‘Eid.

But it took longer than expected. My sister made 3 desserts whilst I just made one:

© 2012 Churros

© 2012 Churros

I have posted the easy to follow recipe on another post.

It was my first time making it and making it at home for the folks, who all surprisingly loved it. But I didn’t tell the seniors in the house that it is common street food in Mexico. Instead, I said it was another version of gilebi! Knowing them, they would have rejected it if it sounded foreign to their conservative Indian taste-ears.

At some point mum jumped in and began marinating the chicken drum sticks for ‘Eid. Roughly 120 of them. And all of this took from 11:00pm – 6:30pm.

Soon it was time to prepare for the day itself. Mum came to me, whilst I had a lie down in my room and said,

Why are you here? Haven’t you prepared the pasta yet?

We all decided to have a relaxed iftaar with not too many heavy items on the menu.

I looked at her incredulously and replied “But I thought sis was making it.

Well your sister is now in bed fast asleep. So you have to make it.

Great *she cried in defeat*

So I went downstairs and remembered that I only made the mixture for my churros and left it so I could make them fresh closer to iftaar time. Mum disappeared and I had to quickly fry the churros mixture and make pasta. But by the time I was done with the churros it was 1/2 till iftaar, so we had to improvise.

Luckily, we still had plenty of haleem from the day before (more leftovers) and mum though ahead and made kisuri earlier, and she quickly dished out some ready-made daal puri, paratah and oven baked smilies. Yes, we went that far. YOu can even see it on my iftaar plate if you look close enough.

© 2012 My iftaar

© 2012 My iftaar

My plate may look empty compared to other days, but I assure the table was not.

© 2012 The final feast

© 2012 The final feast

But at last-minute it was truly bananas! We were cutting so close to iftaar time and at some point the boys went out to even buy watermelon because the organic one wasn’t good enough.

© 2012 Watermelon. This is dedicated to S n T. Job well done lads!

© 2012 Watermelon. This is dedicated to S n T. Job well done lads!

© 2012 Sweet, sweeter n salty

© 2012 Sweet, sweeter n salty

But when we all finally sat down, there was a sort of giggly atmosphere, and people were actually smiling. It was such a shock. Usually we’re all too grumpy, annoyed and hungry to even speak (because grumbling is easier), but I actually some nice conversation and people’s faces were brighter, and I thought to myself why wasn’t it like this all along? But I already knew the answer to that…

But, the month has now officially come to an end and it wont come back till next year. Ramadan, see you next year Inshaa’Allah (God willing).