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****(Belated) Eid Mubarak****

This post is long over due and I feel very bad about it!

It’s been a whirlwind of events during and post ‘Eid that it’s been hard to tear myself away from it all and write.

Now, let’s start at the beginning. I woke up super late because the night before I was getting the room in order for guest inspection and I took a late cold shower to make sure I lasted the humid night and didn’t melt away.

At 11:00am I went downstairs and saw that majority of things were done, which made be feel incredibly rubbish and I straightaway began follow orders from sergeant mama. But before I did that, I ate!

Islamically, it is a practice to eat something sweet on the ‘Eid after Ramadan. So I ate a few dates and the finnie (a rice flour and milk based dessert) my sister made the day before, roughly 3-4 kg worth of it! The house was unusually quiet and it took me some time to realise the men had gone to ‘Eid prayer and would be back roughly by 12:00.

© 2012 Finnie

© 2012 Finnie (the darker spots are the raisins)

This was only one out of many bowls that we had to pour and let the dessert set in the fridge.  I then inspected what we had made already:

© 2012 Collossos Salad. May not look it but it was one mighty bowl

© 2012 Colossus Salad. May not look it but it was one mighty bowl

© 2012 It's that huge pot again

© 2012 It’s that huge pot again. Inside of which we had the:

© 2012 Biryani

© 2012 Biryani, which chicken instead o the traditional meat

© 2012 Easy Jelly (The recipe of which I will post soon)

© 2012 Easy Jelly (The recipe of which I will post soon). You don’t need any gelatin and it’s looks grown up enough for grown-ups to eat without embarrassment.

© 2012 Home made tandoori

© 2012 Home made tandoori

© 2012 Chana Chat

© 2012 Chana Chat. A snack made out of chick peas, tomato, chilli, onion, potato, salt, cumin powder, paprika powder and natural yogurt (the cucumber is our touch on this Indian snack)

Although I thought I came down late enough to mean I could take it easy, if only a little, I was sooooo wrong. There were still plenty of dishes to make and we still had to oven our chops and take out more samosa (which I feared was running quite low considering how much we had at the beginning of Ramadan) and more cleaning around the house.

Soon the boys came back and they cleaned their plates of the dessert and dates. Then they sat around making or taking calls for wishing or taking greetings of ‘Eid Mubarak whilst me, mum and my sister were busy making sure we had enough tandoori pieces for our family, plus more.

I left my phone upstairs charging but I could hear it vibrate every 15 mins as the wave of ‘Eid texts came in, so I didn’t have the time nor the luxury to respond to any of them. But I took care of that the day before by sending out my ‘Eid texts to all those dear and near to me, and of course, posting a message on facebook :-p

Soon lunch time arrived, we ate, and then I went up and dressed at around 2:30pm which was pretty late considering we are meant to be in our ‘Eid clothes early in the morning. But I didn’t want to smell of biryani and fish so it made sense to dress after cooking everything.

Because there were a lot of us and only one car only a few people could go out to see family and friends whilst others stayed home to welcome any guests who chose to float in. That meant mum and I remained whilst the rest of the gang squeezed into the car and took off.

Soon after they left my nieces and nephews came and we were busy serving food and drinks till about 6:00pm. I was worried about how I would pas the time but someone was smart enough to suggest we play a board game: LUDO 😀

© 2012 Ludo board

© 2012 Ludo board

I was RED. But unfortunately, although I was in the lead, I lost:

1st place: YELLOW

2nd place: GREEN

3rd place: BLUE

4th place: RED

It’s a fun game that really brings out the competitiveness in everyone. It’s a no mercy kinda game were you have no loyalty to anyone. But it was tons of fun. That lasted for 1 hr. Not long after the gang came back from their trip around London and it was dinner time.

All in all, the day ended well. I saw faces I didn’t see often and it was a fun having them round. But boy was I tired. And, we were still cleaning up post-‘Eid 2 days after :-/