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This post is loooong overdue and I’m sorry for being absent. But I do have an excuse: I was waiting for my friends to send me their pictures so I could put it all together for this post. Then I realised that I should just post it and update it with more photos when I get the time.

It was such an awesome day! One of the best I’ve had in a long time. It was a great change from the usual samosa making weekends I’ve had, and still have ahead of me. I met friends I haven’t seen in months, and probably won’t see again anytime soon, so it was great to be around lovely people, mouth-watering food and great atmosphere.

First, we met at Stratford Westfield for brunch:

Then we headed over to Trafalgar Square where it was all happening:

Obviously the circled Japanese writing is my name! Not sure which alphabet out of 3 was used, but it looks cool, no?!

Then it was bubble tea time! We couldn’t have a proper day out without having bubble tea. Plus, we introduced a skeptical friend to it and she loved it!


What was really awesome about the place was that it had cool designs on the wall to compliment the stores name Bubbeology:

And since we hit China Town already for bubble tea, I wanted to buy…


And on the train journey home I had to finish off the bubble tea I never really wanted. Because it was my friends first time having it, I thought I should get a fruit based one, rather than a milk based one. It wasn’t so nice but it was bubble tea, so I couldn’t waste it…

It was crazy! I spent most of my money on food because that IS one of the main reasons why I went. You can only get great food from the real people themselves. But now I have to be careful with my cash and save up for whatever else comes my way *strokes chin*