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Since this ‘Eid is a 3 day festival I decided to put all 3 days into this one post!


Woke up super early and began setting up for the day. That meant making sure everything was clean and preparing the dishes for breakfast. Now, it’s a strange rule, or tradition rather, that on the morn of any ‘Eid, you dish out the most unhealthiest of dishes around. Of course it’s a practice of our prophet to eat something sweet on the morn of ‘Eid, but every year, I’m sure we take it a step too far.

We got them out of the freezer and had to defrost them. This was at 8:00am!

People were having tea and coffee to wake them up. Me? I had miso soup! :-p

I wasn’t joking. We Asians are serious when it comes to big breakfasts on ‘Eid day

Do you remember the samosas I spent the past month slaving over? The batch in the picture are the ones! My pride and glory.


Cheese Rolls

This was a gift from our new neighbours! Sweet!

So we had to give something back:

We gave our semolina dessert and a selected of samosas with different fillings.

Later on a lovely guest of ours baked a Victoria Sponge cake. We didn’t share it with the guests, because we wanted it all for ourselves!

Yum yum!

And then someone brought over a tin of Roses and as soon as the lid was opened, 7 other people and I shoved our hands into the tin and tried to grab our favourite flavours. By the end of it, the tin looked like this:

You can see that all the boring ones were left and the tin is bent. That’s because we all pulled the poor thing in different directions. It was hilarious!

More salad

The day went by very quickly; the house was filled to burst and we had to cook again for the evening as there was no leftover from lunch and we still had late guests. We were all on our feet the whole day, but it was lovely seeing everyone after a long time. ‘Eid becomes a time of family reunion and it never ceases to amaze me how many relatives I seem to have :-/


Who came along? My older sister, her 5 year old son and a cousin’s wife. Before we entered the main building we met:

I spent most of my childhood playing and watching Sonic The Hedgehog.

We decided to get there for 1:30 and didn’t expect…

I kid you not! We were at the back of this never-ending like queue and I had sinking feeling in my stomach. Like always, the cue moved quickly, as in we didn’t stand in one place any longer than 30 seconds and it fools people into thinking Yeah, this cue will last no longer than 45 mins. Max! We were in the cue for 1 hr 30mins.

But along the way we made some friends:

I don’t mean pretty ‘kawaii’. I mean scary ‘kuwaii’

Some heroes

And after we finally made got our wristbands, and before we entered the center we met more people:

Tsubasa (wings)

Then we finally entered. So at 3:30pm we were starving and the first agenda on our list was to get food.

My lunch (noodles, fried prawns and pumpkin rolled in a breadcrumb batter) with Matcha Latte


Then we split up and scouted round:

Plush land

MY HERO Tails Kun

It was packed whilst leaving and most of the time were back to back and side to side with people the entire time whilst leaving. We all might as well have been holding hands!

All my shopping. Doesn’t look like a lot but I did spend on little things so it was all well spent

Wrist band

‘Pocky galore’ indeed! What you see in this bag is 2 Pocky short of the 11 I bought in total for only £7.50! Awesome price. I truly love ‘Artbox.co.uk’


The next day we attended my nieces 2nd birthday party. It was a small gathering and it was still ‘Eid so there was sooo much food and laughter. But  since it wasn’t at home, I could kick back and not worry about dirty dishes 😀

Here is the birthday girl herself:

A ‘Dora the Explorer’ cake. Can you spot what’s wrong with it?

It was overall a very memorable ‘Eid al Adha and the next ‘Eid will be after Ramadan (‘Eid al Fitr). Till next year folks! *Goofy style laugh*