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It’s been busy busy at work so this post is long overdue.

Since starting work we’ve all quickly discovered that each of us are foodies. So, to celebrate this awesomeness and our passion, we decided that whenever possible we would all go out for dinner and dessert. Between the five of us we rotate who gets to pick dinner and who gets to pick a separate place for dessert.

The mentor team consist of: Me, Lauren, Vicky, Joanne and Faizal.

The best place to go for national and international food is Westfield Stratford in London. After all, it will take us a long time to exhaust the place 😀

Our first dinner together was chosen by Vicky, The Real Greek.

© 2012 Inside

Vicky ordered  Htipiti [hit-ee-pit-ee] which we all tried together with carrots and cucumber.

Lauren ordered Grilled Kalamari (Our own unique version, using the freshest squid and a sticky Greek honey and paprika marinade)

I ordered: Tiropitakia [tiro-pi-takia] (Three filo pastry parcels with creamy leek, spinach and feta filling, handmade daily) and Grilled Aubergine with Garlic Tomato Sauce (Chargrilled aubergine served warm with garlic and tomato sauce).

© 2012 My food 2

© 2012 My food 3

© 2012 My food

© 2012 Vine leaves filled with rice

And I can’t remember what the rest ordered (some of the names are hard to pronounce :-p) pronounce :-p)

© 2012 Empty

Lauren chose pinkberry for dessert:

© 2012 Our pinkberrys 5

© 2012 Our pinkberrys 2

© 2012 Our pinkberrys

Mango and Watermelon

Mango and Watermelon

© 2012 Finished

Till next time!