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It was 12:00 am, I was busy on whatsapp talking to a few friends (since the mobile networks went down just before the clock struck 12) when my 2 nieces came up to me and asked:

Niece 1:”Do you want to go and see the fireworks? Aunt will drive us

Me: “But it’s late. Where will we go to see them?

Niece 2: “We don’t know yet. Mum just said she’ll drive around and see

At first my response was a ‘maybe’, then it changed to ‘yes’. Although it was late and random, I was up for a little adventure. I felt a surge of carpe diem as I made the decision and was ready in 10 mins.

© 2012 New Year 2013 (1)We were on the road at 12:25 am and decided that there should be a fireworks display around Tower Bridge. We live in South East London so my sister drove north through east London into central. As soon as we were in central my sister said “I only knew the way into central. I don’t know my way around the area

That’s when we took out the tom-tom/sat nav. The device asked for our current location but we didn’t know where we were, so we went around central for what was, at most, 15 mins. © 2012 New Year 2013 (3)

None of us knew where we were going. Our phone navigation wasn’t working so I kept a look out for train stations to get a sense of our location. Majority of places were closed, apart from pubs and chicken and chip shops.

I saw more police cars and ambulance vans on this journey than I do in a month! I’ve lost count of the amount of times we had to pull over for the boys in blue or the paramedics  ¬_¬

© 2012 New Year 2013 (4)After some time I looked around at the street names and noticed the post code was N2. We were in north London! We decided there was no turning back (since we would probably lose our way again) so we drove into north London, past my sister’s house and came all the way back home for 01:50 am.

To conclude, we drove around for 1 hr 25 mins and didn’t get to Tower Bridge as we had hoped. Instead we traveled something like this:

It's no pretty map to Isengard but this was our journey :D

It’s no pretty map to Isengard but this was our journey 😀

The stations in yellow roughly locate where we were.

© 2012 New Year 2013 (5)

Have a great 2013 everyone