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© 2013 tibits cute lampI may not be a vegetarian, but I love eating most of what comes from the ground and trees, hence why I recently went to a vegetarian restaurant in central London, tibits

This place has been approved by the Vegetarian Society so you can go in knowing there’ll be no nasty surprises (like horse meat!) :p

The place is like any buffet except that you need to have your plate weighed at the till before eating (that would also be the time you choose your drink).

Closest station: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus (a 5-8 mins walk from these stations)

Rating for the food: 4/5

Rating for the place: 5/5

© 2013 tibits exterior

© 2013 tibits

The place is really chilled and dark colours and dim lighting make you feel like you’re out in the evening (so I actually lost track of time at all whilst there).© 2013 tibits menue

© 2013 tibits food

© 2013 tibits food  3

© 2013 tibits buffet

© 2013 tibits - My food 2

© 2013 tibits - My food

Afterwards, my friends and I went and had dessert:

© 2013 bubble teaMine is the one on the right (Papaya flavour).

I recommend tibits to all, veggie or not. It’s makes you appreciate everything natural and wholesome. Or if you just fancy a change from meat and fish then this is a great place.

The only downside (and the reason for why I gave 4/5 for food) is that they only had 2 options for dessert, both of which I didn’t get to eat because I was full. Other than that, the dishes are fresh and kept cool with the bed of ice at the buffet station and the service is friendly.