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9:00: “Macena we need to go to the hospital. Sabith was attacked on the street.”

It’s one of those moments where you sit still in shock for a few seconds with a stupid look on your face: eyes wide and mouth open with no sound coming out.

Within 5 mins I was ready and my sister and I went to my brother’s house. After 15 mins we were there and once inside we rushed to see the invalid nephew. But upon reaching him in the living room lying down on the sofa, I saw someone who appeared in a state much worse: his face was completely white, his hair in disarray, spots scattered across his face and eyes that looked soulless:

*shiver* (source: http://www.shakesville.com/2012_07_08_archive.html)

But it was only my other nephew with the chicken pox. His face was white because of the cream and he hadn’t slept properly in days. After getting over my shock, recognition of said tragic face and fit of laughter, I finally went round to see the real victim. My 17-year-old nephew had been out playing football with his friends and on his way home whilst waiting at the bus stop, around 6:30 pm he was attacked from behind by 2 boys around his age who wanted to take his phone. But Sabith refused to hand it over, so he fought back! One boy had enough and ran away but the other one stayed and fought till he too gave up and ran off. They didn’t get his phone (he lost the back cover though) but he was left on the ground, glasses knocked off his face and his vision blurry.

Whilst the boys were attacking him, his phone was ringing but he couldn’t answer. It had been his mum calling.

He somehow managed to come home (it was roughly a 1 hour journey) and only when his mum saw him and said “What’s wrong with your face? What happened? And why is your tooth missing?” did Sabith look at himself for the first time and realise one of his front tooth has been knocked out.

He refused to call the police, saying that there was no point as it had been dark so he hadn’t seen their faces, the street was deserted and the attackers were long gone by now. So all we could do was to take him to A&E.

9:15-10:30: We were only in the hospital for 1 hour and 15 mins since he was put on the ‘urgent’ patients list because of the injuries to his head. But after being seen by 2 people they said that he was fine and that all that could be done now was to rest at home, use ice packs for the wounds and prepare for feeling worse for the next few days.

10:45-12:00: We went back to his place and explained everything to his mum, who for the entire time swung between tearfulness and loud yelling with spontaneous waving of the hands; we were all relived he was alive, but what was very amusing was how he had refused to give them a £15 phone and was beaten as a result.

Nokia (source: http://tech2.in.com/news/smartphones/nokia-launches-e51-business-phone/16631)“Doesn’t matter how cheap something is. It’s mine and no one has the right to take it. No one has the right to make me feel scared like that” Sabith kept saying.

And rightly said! Although what he did was still stupid because of how dangerous it was, he was brave and for that, I’m sure, he will be treated like a prince (temporarily) at home by his family till he is fully recovered from his battle wounds.

I just hope that the dentists can help him with his missing tooth: he said he would never smile again till his tooth is replaced :p