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This is the first review for 2 member Book Club of 2013 (consisting of me and a friend)

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The Twits

Title: The Twits

Author: Roald Dahl

Released: 1980

Pages: 104

Prices for:- Kindle – 4.99   Audio – £6.99    Hardback – £6.74   Paperback – £4.79

Rating: 10/10

(Source of above information: amazon.co.uk)

Storyline (Source from amazon.co.uk):

The Twits is one of his many successful and highly entertaining books. The Twits are a couple that nobody would like to know. They are hairy, dirty, smelly and generally unpleasant.Roald Dahl’s characters are possibly the most horrid people you will ever read about. Mr and Mrs Twit spend their days inventing new ways to be be nasty to each other. Each time Mrs Twit does something bad to Mr Twit, he just invents something worse to do to her.

The Twits are not only unpleasant towards each other but they also hate animals. It is because of the Twits’ attitude towards animals that we see their really awful side: Mr Twit keeps a family of monkeys that have to spend their days upside down and Mrs Twit likes to make pies with freshly caught birds.”

These audio review posts are in partnership with my friend with whom I have been having the 2013 book clubs with. Check out her blog too!