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2 days before test (Tuesday 2nd April 2013):

2:00 a.m: I woke up feeling sick. I thought it was because I had woken up from just dreaming about eating cake on an empty stomach. But after 10 mins of restlessness, the feeling wouldn’t go away and I ran to bin and puked out everything I had for dinner.

3:45 a.m: Puked again. Was shivering like mad. Slept with another layer over my pajamas.

8:30 a.m: Woke up and cancelled my driving lesson on Wed. Told my instructor the sad story. “Well, best of luck then. I guess I’ll be seeing you on your test day. If you’re feeling any better. Let me know if you’re not though.”

Sick teddy bear (Source: http://www.sodahead.com/living/what-do-you-like-to-do-when-you-are-feeling-sick/question-2736859/?link=ibaf&q=feeling+sick)And so the whole day was spent with me shivering, puking and sleeping in my living room where I became ‘a one-day-wonder-attraction’ to all who came through my front door. My older sister brought her 2 kids round, (assuming I would baby-sit them!)

Sister: (on seeing me) Hey what’s wrong with you?” To which I explained everything in a weak and croaky voice.

Sister: Oh my days please don’t pass it on to us! (her and her offspring)

Me: Well then why did you come?

Sister: Well I didn’t know. If I did, I wouldn’t have!

At times like that, you really don’t want to hear that people want to avoid you like the plague. Although, of course I understand what I had could have been contagious, I still really wanted to throw something at her…

1 day before test (Wednesday 3rd April 2013):

Felt much better. Didn’t have anything exit from the attic of my body, but  I still felt sicky and weak. I did some driving prep and went to bed, like a good girl, at 10:00 since my driving lesson was at 6:09 a.m, 2 hrs before the actual test, 8:09 a.m.

TEST DAY (Thursday 4th April 2013):

Couldn’t sleep properly the whole night. Was already awake before my alarm at 5:15 a.m. Prayed, changed, packed my bag, ate and left at 6:09 in the car. After 2 hours of practicing maneuvers (and getting it all wrong in my panic) we waited in the test center for my examiner to call my name.

Mistake 1: I read the number plate wrong. Gave it 3 tries. At which point I thought he would tell me to go SpecSavers and only come back to take a test after I had specs. But we still went to the car and carried on.

Mistake 2: I had the car keys but I didn’t actually know what to press to open the doors!!! Bearing in mind that in my driving lessons I was only ever picked up and dropped off without ever having to open/lock the car, I tried to press all the little buttons on this car key but none would work. Plus, it was wrapped with sellotape to it was hard to tell what was the right one to press… :S To my embarrassment, the examiner tried to open his side of the door but the car wasn’t open. So he looked up at me questioningly.

Me: (lowering my head and flicking through my phone) To be honest I don’t know how to open this car so I’m going to call my instructor now and get her to open it for us.

To my amazement, I looked up to find my instructor coming round the car and she took the keys from me.

Me: You saw me struggling through the window and came to my rescue didn’t you?

Question (Source: http://www.iconfinder.com/icondetails/49832/258/help_question_mark_icon)Mistake 3: When we finally got into the car he asked me 2 ‘show me/tell me’ questions. For the first one I gave the wrong answer, and he let me know t was. Then for the second, he asked me the question to the answer I gave him for the first question.

Me: (sheepishly answered to the 2nd ques) Is it the answer I gave to the first question?

Examiner: [nodded his head and smiled]

Mind failure: I kept talking to my self out loud: Oh no, what are you doing? So who’s it going to be? You’re going a bit to fast down the road aren’t you? Why are roads so narrow? Al by the way was talk aimed at the cars I encountered that day

Mind failure: At the end of the test we stopped and he said I should get comfortable to hear the result of my test. You know those moments where you mouth races on just after your mind realises that you shouldn’t be saying something, but it’s already coming out and you can’t stop it? That’s what happened to me then

huhMe: Oh, so should I take out my provisional drivers card and paper counterpart?

Examiner: [looked at me with a funny smile on his face and his eyes, laughing and lost, looking at me, slightly shaking his head.

Me: Oh. Ok. Right. I guess I don’t…Yeah. Ok. Nevermind…( to which I bowed my head again)

He said I passed and I couldn’t believe it. I told him so. He asked where I think I went wrong and I told him a few of the ones I remembered. One was when I thought I touched the curb of the road. Which was a mistake…

Examiner: Did you touch the curb? I realised he didn’t know himself and was asking me if I had. If I answered ‘yes’, he may change his mind and fail me. If I said ‘no’ he would accept my reply.

Me: No. But I thought I did (laughs weakly). He didn’t have to accept my answer. I never touched the curb and if I had he would certainly have felt it.



I was driver home my driving instructor and she was full of praise and reminded me I should recommend her to my friends. When I finally got home it was 9:30 a.m and mum opened the door to me. I told her I passed and she gave me hug and showered me with kisses. She was the only person downstairs and the rest of the house was silent. I kinda felt like I had won a war but no one was home to celebrate it with. They were all still sleeping :p