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Suhoor (meal before sunrise):

Mum’s getting really annoyed with the food now. Because there are less of us this year in the house the food is taking longer to finish. So there has been 2-3 dishes that just aren’t finishing! Because these are dishes neither my brother nor I like, it’s mum who’s having to finish it off 😦 Sorry mum…

For me, it’s the 3rd day in a row I’ve been having porridge instead of rice and curry like everyone else. Dad sorta looked at me across the table and shook his head when I sat down to eat my bowl of goodness :p In mum’s and dad’s book, rice is THE ONLY filling thing in the world that a person can eat. Nothing else can compare to it! ¬¬

2013 © FruitsFor iftaar I was a little surprised at knowing we still had some chicken wrap filling and wrap left. Leftover iftaar? This early in the month? Didn’t think it would happen.

But my brother wanted to add something new so it wouldn’t be boring: crumpet bajji! This may sound really strange but in fact this is again something very much like the ‘egg pizza’ from Day 2; a ‘do what you can with little you have’ kinda dish. All you do is fry some onions and then chuck in the crumpets cut into small pieces. And voila 😀

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