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Suhoor (meal before sunrise):

Because of the invite from Day 6 it was really difficult to eat a proper meal less than 6 hours later. So I once again had my trusty porridge, but just not as much of it.

Apples (Source: http://angristchiro.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/guest-post-by-health-coach-donna-neuhaus/)Shopping for fruit every week was a tad shocking since it was always finished within 3 days. But now that Ramadan has rolled in, the fruits have been forgotten and the basket is getting cold (in the fridge). Of course you see us eat fruit every iftaar but that’s all the tropical bunch like mangoes, watermelon, pineapple etc which means the boring stuff like apples and pears get left behind. I for one love to have my one apple a day so I really miss eating fruit on a regular basis throughout the day 😦

Iftaar (meal at sunset):

I was particularly hungry and what I craved most was something sweet and lots of it. Instead (and I won’t complain much) was this:

2013 © My iftar Day 7 ii

* I was sooo hungry, that I only got to take this picture before chowing down*

Because we had guests over mum went into cooking overload and made loads of dishes for suhoor (because the guests were staying over). This meant that she tried to keep iftaar as simple as possible. If you read my previous post, you’ll see that the fried stuff are leftovers and the only thing freshly made on the day are the kisuri, chickpea baji and fruit :p

Apart from the bowl of fruit and kisuri (rice boiled in fenugreek seeds, onion and lentil seeds) everything on that plate was fried. So once I got some food down my sugar craving left and I ended up having lots of noon gora (the flat, yellow, circular snacks on the plate made from flour)and aloo chot which was a mistake because it left me super full. Right up until suhoor. What’s not normal about that these days…!

Vermonster (Source: http://www.benjerry.com/scoop-shops/menu)

But I’m telling you guys, I’m close to just having a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for iftaar. *Om nom* 😀