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Suhoor (meal before sunrise):

I finally broke my porridge train: I ate kisuri! 😮

How, you must be wondering. Well, from the huge banquet mum had ready for our guests we had more leftover kisuri than we would have liked. I promised mum, to help get rid of it quicker, that I would eat some for suhoor. So I did. I had a small amount with chicken and spinach baji. Sounds strange, but it’s not too different from having those things with normal rice.

Now that I have broken the chain and skipped my usual porridge breakfast, I’m wondering what I’ll have tomorrow for suhoor…?

Iftaar (meal at sunset):

2013 © FruitMum was in a rut as to what we should all have (apart from more leftovers) so dad stepped in and decided to make pasta.

Mum: What should we have for iftaar today? We have some bits and bobs left from yesterday, but what should be the main dish? Should I make –

Dad: I’ll make pasta

Mum:…ok [she looked away to hide the nervous look in her eyes] How are you going to make it?

Dad: Umm…with minced meat. Do we have any?

Later the same day

Me: Mum? Why have you boiled minced meat?

Mum: To make pasta. Your dad wants to make it?

Me: [looked in open shock at mum] He want’s to make it? Why? Why not let you make it?

Mum: [laughs] Because he says I don’t make it properly. It doesn’t have enough colour and flavour, he thinks.

Me: Hmmm…

The reason why we all get a little, actually, very worried when dad says he’s going to cook is because his taste is quite different from ours. Not to say his cooking is terrible, not at all. It’s just that he tries to experiment with ingredients and it doesn’t always turn out right. Either that, or he adds too much of his favourite spice: CUMIN 😮 Too much of it makes anything taste nasty ¬_¬

11th Doctor Who (Source: http://www.tumblr.com/)

But come iftaar time, it looked as colourful as he had hoped:

Can you see how the pasta is as radiantly yellow as the sun these days in England?

Can you see how the pasta is as radiantly yellow as the sun these days in England?

And tasted great. Hats off to you dad. Or hijab off…whatever!

But really no one can understand how panicked we all were about dad cooking. I actually began planning a whole other menu to prepare in case it all went wrong. I love you dad, it’s just sometimes your cooking is scarier than your ‘don’t mess with me‘ face

2013 © Watermelon