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Suhoor (meal before sunrise):

On Day 8 I had leftover kisuri from iftaar. Today on Day 9 I had…

That's right! Banana and Rice. Well known for it's weirdness but is still rocking the menu for our at home quick meal ideas :D

That’s right! Banana and Rice. Well known for it’s weirdness but is still rocking the menu for our at home quick meal ideas 😀

I’ve grown up having this combo and it’s usually happened when there was nothing else to eat or because I needed a healthy and filling meal. This always does the trick and in Ramadan when you need all the slow burning energy you can get it’s a nice alternative to curry.

Iftaar (meal at sunset):

I wasn’t expecting anything from iftaar. I assumed there would be more leftovers and since I’m not really a picky eater, I would have been happy with anything. But strangely enough I didn’t know that mum was wracking her brains on deciding what to make, and that she would overhear me talking to my brother about really wanting ‘eggy bread‘.

When my brother went out to the supermarket to get a few household bits mum first mentioned “egg and bread. Lots of egg and bread“.

Mum had actually decided to let me choose what to have. It’s not like it’s never happened before, but that she only ever went as far as allowing me to say what fruit we should have on the table. Then again. this whole eggy bread thing isn’t that big either; she wanted to get rid of the bread…

But anyways, like a happy bunny I made it:

2013 © Day 9 Spicy eggy bread

It looks burnt. That, in our family, is well done. If it was too yellow with not enough brown bits people would consider it underdone.

2013 © Day 9 SumerFor the past 2 weeks Britain has shocked us by actually giving more sunshine than we can bear. Hitting 30° its been very difficult to stay awake during the day; fasting and general tiredness caused by hot weather made my eggy bread the savior of the day. It didn’t need a lot of effort 😀

2013 © Day 9 fruits