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Suhoor (meal before sunrise):

You know there are those days you feel like a human garbage/food disposal? Well I’ve felt like this many times in my life, but I really didn’t want to at 2:00 am. I had leftover kisuri because there was enough for one person and no one else would have had it. In the end it would have been poor mum or poor old me. So I, the young one, sacrificed my stomach to save my mothers. I’m not saying it was off or anything. But no one wants to eat leftovers when they ate the same thing only 5 hours before.

Iftaar (meal at sunset):

Simple table spread

Simple table spread

Since yesterday was all about fry ups there was a bit less of that today. I say a bit because there was still:

2013 © Chickpea baji

Chickpea baji

My iftaar, looking very simple. I mean, there’s actually room on the plate!

2013 © Day 10 My iftaar

And although it’s all veggie, you can see the oil glistening. Now I’m not saying oil is bad, but it shouldn’t glisten the way it does, should it?!

After a long day’s fast it’s easy to eat a few morsels and feel like your stomachs going to pop, but even after finishing off my iftaar I had lots of fruit:

2013 © Fruits

Then we all had yogurt. Can you see the Activia pots tucked away in one corner 🙂

My point is, it’s nice to get away with eating all the ‘good stuff’ for one month, but well and truly, all I want after fasting is cold water and some fruit. No matter how big ones appetite is, when you haven’t eaten for 18 hours, your stomach can’t handle too much in one go.

Let’s remind ourselves, if we hope to live till ‘Eid al Fitr, we should try to hold back on the samosas and paratahs (in large quantities) 😀

2013 © Dates