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Let me get straight to the point; today’s iftaar was, in my mind, meant to be a small occasion with minimum effort and less face stuffing, but that all changed when my older came round with her kids! :O

Because my sister had not ha iftaar at our house this year it was important to make an effort for her and so the cooking commenced. Now, I’ll take a bit of the blame in starting things a little late, since I thought that there were only a few items to be cooked. But this was of course a fault I was reminded of many times after it was all over.


Veggie biryani, pakura, fruits and mishti/mitai (Asian dessert in many assortments)

Mistake 1: Mum insisted that I stay and watch her make the biryani because she wanted me to learn how to do it properly. What she means is that my biryani making will be judged when I’m married and have guests round my own house, so it’s important to get things right now.

2013 © Day 11 veggie biryaniMum, my sister and I all took part in making the biryani. So once it was finished we were all quite happy with it, until mum said “[gasp] We forgot to add salt!!!” Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

But what made it worse (and funny in my book) was when we realised this after plating up food to give to our neighbours who gave us food back in Day 2. We gave it in the end anyway. I just hope they admire everything else about the dish…!

I suggested that we add some water and add the salt but that would make the bityani turn to rice pudding, which meant that it was served on everyone’s plate, with the ‘no salt added’ warning to allow people to sprinkle salt as they pleased.

Mistake 2: Mum made the mixture for pakura and began frying it whilst trying to tend to something else. I was busy plating up the food for everyone (to make sure we all had equal portions of everything) when mum yelled and told me the pakura were burning. I went to the cooker, flipped them over in the oil and went back to the table. Little did I know they would be left unattended by mum and they would burn…We ate them in the end.

My pakura were from a different batch so they weren't burnt :D

My pakura were from a different batch so they weren’t burnt 😀

Mistake 3: My sister bought mishti/mitai, sweet Asian dessert which can be an assortment of different types. I took them out so we they could be served at the end. Now, because they were kinda left outa sight, I was told off for not serving them from the beginning. Which takes me back to mistake 2 which wasn’t really my fault since I had to tend to the injured pakura, which then goes back all the way to mistake of all mistakes: thinking we had time!

Those who know your mishti will know that you'e looking at: laddoo, kala jam and gulaab jamun :)

Those who know your mishti will know that you’e looking at: laddoo, kala jam and gulaab jamun 🙂

In the end, it was an enjoyable meal and I happily ate away from the dining table to avoid listening to complaints.

Families eh! Can’t live with them, can’t cook or set a table with them :/