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I’ve grown up living with external family and so having kids around the house is nothing new to me. But since my sister and her family moved out this Ramadan hasn’t been the same without them. They bring that extra spark to the days, as well as extra work!

My nephew, Ihsan (6) and niece Humairah/Humi (4) are staying over so they were about from lunch time. Having them in the house meant watching them whilst they played to make sure they didn’t kill each other and to give them snacks at the appropriate times.

(a) this is a chore because I’m no longer used to remembering to tend to the kids (b) because when you’re fasting it’s sometimes easy to think everyone is fasting. So whenever it came to lunch or snack time the kids would make a big fuss about who was fasting in the house.

Ihsan: Aunty, you’re fasting aren’t you?

Me: Yes.

Ihsan: But I’m a kid so I don’t have to fast.

Humi: Yeah! We don av tu fasst so we can e-eat 🙂

Me: Yes

Ihsan: But I can fast now too if I want right?

Me: Well, it’s 2 o’clock and you’ve already eaten breakfast and lunch…but you can fast for a few hours if you like.

Ihsan: So why don’t you guys fast for a few hours. Why the whole day?

Me: It has to be for a whole day. Your fast would just be a practice one.

Ihsan: I can’t drink water or eat right?

Me: Right

Humi: [gasp] But den you can’t hav ice cream or go to the toi-let if you fast!

Me: No no no. Of course you can go to the toilet, but you can’t have the ice-cream

Ihsan:[after thinking about it] Can I have the ice cream and then fast?

My iftaar. The rice is burred under all that salad :) And the pakora has taken stolen the show in all its brown-ness

My iftaar. The rice is buried under all that salad 🙂 And the pakora has taken stolen the show in all its brown-ness

For iftaar, extra pakora was made for the munchkins:

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