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Today we would have one less person but still two extras at the table for iftaar; my brother went out with friends for iftaar and my nephew and niece, Ihsan & Humi stayed round.

Mum and I were busy only towards the evening cooking for suhoor, but it never crossed my mind once it was 30 mins to go till iftaar time that all that was made was kisuri (rice boiled in fenugreek seeds).

Dad noticed only once he was at the table that all he was getting was this:

2013 © Day 13 My Iftaar

You see those black berry like things? Their actually the cherries dad picked out from some random tree somewhere on the estate and brought home. He walked round the are with a branch of the stuff. So cute! 😀

He laughed and asked “Is this all we’re having today?” Mum’s answer was “Well, you always say there are too many items on the table to have room for all of it, so today you’ll have the pleasure of eating as much of what little we have

It was super super simple and this is in fact how it should be after a day of fasting. We’ve created this idea that iftaar is all about treats (which is always something deep-fried or smothered in salt and oil) but this entire month is about restraint and being good and healthy. I do see how dad must have felt:

Imagining what dad was thinking: ‘I don’t mind, but I wanted something with a bit more flavour‘ I felt like the food wars from last year was rearing it’s ugly head again, but since it’s dad it was nipped in the bud quickly enough! Well, we did have those Asian sweets from the weekend for something flavoursome:

2013 © Sweet leftovers

But hey ho, it’s all for his health in the end 😀 It also meant less time in the kitchen, especially in this weather Britain is having. In all honesty, I want it to go away. Bring on the rain!