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‘ Somewhere, in time and not to long ago, there was a town. In that town ruled a king, his queen and their 3 children in a small castle. Along with the cook of course. The town was a happy one and all were observing the month of fast.

One day the King said he was displeased with what the cook brought forth to the table and that he hoped the mistake was never repeated again. The cook was very distraught and after all her years of service felt like she had had enough. She packed her belongings and left that very day, only leaving behind a note saying “I’m sorry for leaving on such short notice. But I’ve realised that I should have just become a gardener instead of a cook. I’m going far away. Do NOT try to look for me

The castle was in a chaos! Who would cook the king’s meal? Although he was a gentle king and was fair in all he did, he could still get quite upset if his food wasn’t to his liking. The queen stepped forward and rolled up her sleeves “Ladies, I would like full control of the kitchen this evening

The king arrived very late, but just in time to sit down to a plate covered with a metal cloche. He removed it to find this:

2013 © Day 14 My iftaar

He didn’t look unhappy one bit. In fact, he smiled and asked to know where the cook was so as to compliment her. His family hesitantly told him of the cooks departure and he grieved greatly. But, he had faith in the new cook and the rest of the castle  😀

Be kind to those who cook for you and always be thankful for what Allah has given you

2013 © Fruits