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My family have all been suffering from something for roughly 10 weeks now and the problem only became apparent to us a week ago: we have bed bugs in the house.

It started off with my room and me getting mosquito bite-like spots, but 5 x worse (itched like mad and grew as it like it had a life of its own). No one knew why and I assumed my room was cursed…

2013 © Infested clothingIt then began to spread to all the other bedrooms and only after a visit to the doctors were we told it was the doing of bed bugs. We called the exterminators a.k.a bug-busters, and they came after 48 hours, today, to spray the medicine all over the house. It took the man longer than 30 minutes because he kept discovering nooks and crannies where he found a whole community of them. We had to place clothing and linen in bin bags to stop the bugs from spreading. It really is a horrible business 😦

This means that we have to spray the medicine ourselves everyday and for the next month the bug-buster will be coming to check the premises till he can give the all-clear.

He left after a long time so we started cooking late. Then again, the only thing that took long to prepare was the pakura. But not just one type, a mix of cabbage pakura, potato pakura and lentil pakura.

2013 ©

After prepping all the fruit mum approached me and said that the best before date on the loaf of bread was for the next day so I should make something out of it today. I could have made dessert with it but we were missing a few ingredients and I knew that I would be the one getting fat by consuming most of it. So I chose to make bread baji! :p

It sounds ridiculous, kinda like my crumpet baji, but it’s nice. Like having soft croutons with fried onions.

2013 © Day 16 My iftaar ii

You can’t see the cherries on my plate but we had some at the table. All courtesy of a a group of trees 100 yards away from our house. Dad was passing the trees and grabbed a few as he walked by. We’re planning on going early morning Sunday to pick more before the rest of the neighborhood catches on and it’s all gone.

For the next two evenings I’ll be at my sister’s new flat. She doesn’t have internet set up yet, which means that I won’t be able to post up Day 17 and Day 18 (FRI & SAT) till Day 19, SUNDAY. Look out for it then! 😀