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We have now entered the Last 10 days of Ramadan where the blessed odd night upon which the Holy Qur’an was revealed. No one knows which odd night it is (21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th) so each odd night is spent in extra worship and people place themselves in seclusion to really connect with Allah.

It’s often the case that boys will choose to stay overnight at a mosque for these last 10 days as a means of a spiritual retreat. My brother has intended to do exactly that this year.

He’s a grown man and you would think he would be fine packing by himself, but in the end, mum and I had to double-check things:

Me: Have you packed everything? Toothbrush? Paste? Towel? Phone? Underwear?

Bro: Yeah I’ve packed it all. And I have 3 pairs of underwear with me.

Me: You only have 3 pairs, and you’re going away for 10 days?

Bro: 9 day if ‘Eid happens on the 10th.

Me: Beside the point! Don’t you change it every day?

Bro: [silence]

Me: Ahh dude, you’re going to smell. Just go and get more underwear now. Quick, before you have to leave.

Bro: [goes back into his bedroom and packs more underwear]

Me: Good. And make sure you take some plastic bags with you for your dirty clothes.

Bro: Why do I need a separate bag? I can just pack them away once I’ve worn them.

Me: OMD do you want to contaminate your clean clothes? Why do you want to smell like a stink bomb in a mosque? They’re gonna kick you out early at this rate.

Bro: [goes back and gets bags]

Me: And get some body wipes while you’re there.

Bro: But why –

Me: Don’t question me, just do it!


10 minutes later

Mum: Have you packed everything?

Bro: Yeah, Macena ran through everything with me.

Mum: Ok. But what about clothes?

Bro: What about them? I’ve packed enough.

Mum: No, I meant what kind of clothing have you packed?

Bro: What do you mean? Clothes you always see me wear.

Mum: No no no! Go back and get some nice clothes.

Bro: Argh mum why?

Mum: No son of mine is going to the mosque looking like a tramp! Go upstairs now!

And so on. You would think someone in their 20’s would know by now how to pack, considering he’s traveled a lot *shakes head*

After sorting out his luggage and saying our goodbyes, we didn’t feel his absence till iftaar time, when instead of 5, there were only 4 at the table.

Veggie pillaow rice with salad

Veggie pillaow rice with salad