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Although all my life I’ve seen Ramadan after Ramadan pass with not-so healthy food at the table. But one thing my family have always done and that is have fruit at the table. In recent years, after mum and dad were both diagnosed with having Type 2 diabetes, we have increased the amount of fruit at the table and as a family are more conscious of what we are eating. Then again, it’s always the men who crave the fried stuff, whereas the women fight to have more green at the table.

Now that people have moved on and it’s just my brother, parents and I, there is more control over how much of the good and bad we eat.

2013 © Day 19 mangoBUT, there are limits; dad is someone who will buy something on a bargain but not always look at the quantity. E.g. last summer he brought home 2 large wooden crates of oranges and in the end we had to throw some of it away because they became rotten in the heat.

One thing about dad is that he doesn’t consider fruit to be bad for him in any way. This means he’ll eat as much as he wants without portion control. Things like grapes, mango, lychee are naturally high in sugar, but this doesn’t deter him. You see, in dad’s eyes, they’re fruit so eating more isn’t bad. But we are talking about a man who didn’t at first accept that he was diabetic. So you can imagine how it’s tough to help him keep his diet under control.

As for me, I love fruit and am one of those people who try to have their 5 a day. But at iftaar time, I actually felt a bit annoyed at the variety and amount of fruit:

Apple, plum, peach, grapes, cherry, orange, mango and watermelon.

This doesn't look like a lot but this is after the meal. There are 3 plates worth of fruit and they were piled high!

This doesn’t look like a lot but this is after the meal. There are 3 plates worth of fruit and they were piled high!

It was just too much. Dad wasn’t happy with how little I ate of them, but I could only take so much fruit all in one go. Plus, the watermelon was given to dad by a neighbour and we just had to take one look to realise it had been in the fridge for too long; the texture was mushy and it wasn’t sweet.

Those who know me are aware of how much I love fruit. But that day, dad took it a few grapes, cherries, oranges and all the rest of it too far!

2013 © Day 21 My iftaar

Left-over veggie pillaow rice, eggy bread and a side of salad.