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It’s not just the missing spider that’s keeping me awake, but also the bed bugs that may still be in the room. The bugbuster came last week and said 95% are gone and by his last visit there shouldn’t be any more problems. So sleeping at night is difficult, knowing that they may come out and have a taste of me :O

But I slept better and woke up at a decent time. Then I switched on my laptop and it was super super sloooooooooow. It’s been like this for 3 weeks but at that time I knew something had to be done. So I contacted a friend who’s more tech savvy than I am but she was at a loss too. So my options are wait till Ramadan is over to give to a store to look at, or just reformat the laptop O_O


I was on the laptop for a good couple of hours, trying to sort it all out, but in the end I had a headache and couldn’t deal with it anymore. I switched it off to deal with another day. I told mum I was going to make iftaar today:


Steak, mango and herb naan bread with tzatziki sauce and a side of salad. 

I had to leave home to collect my ‘Eid suit from the tailors at 6pm. But when I got there they still hadn’t done it. They asked me to come back after 2 hours but that wasn’t possible with iftaar coming up. So I said I would be back the next day. I went in the rain only be sent away wet and annoyed.

Mum wanted mango so I bought a box, assuming I had made a good choice. Boy, was I wrong. Mum took one look at them and said:

Mum: What kind of mangoes did you buy? You of all people should know how to look for good mangoes. You’ve been peeling and cutting them this entire month! How can you not tell what’s good and what’s bad?

Me: I’m sorry. I thought the skin looked tough. I made sure to look for ones without any bruises

Mum: Bruises are the least of it! Trust, me when you cut it open it’s going to be all rotten. These mangoes aren’t properly ripe yet so there won’t be any flavour

Dad: No no, I think she did ok. They look like they’ll taste fine –

Mum: No they won’t! They don’t taste of anything

Dad: But…well –

Me: Leave it dad. The boss has spoken

And the boss was right. One was rotten inside and the others were difficult to eat because they were more sour than sweet and the texture was rough.

Then mum said I have to change my menu:

Mum: Forget making your steaks for today. The expiry date on the bread is for today. So Make eggy bread instead.

Me: But I’ve been planning this meal for a week now. I waited for the right day.

Mum: And the date for the tzatziki is today so we have to have that too.

Me: But if my plan wasn’t changed we would have had the mango naan with the sauce! MUM! WHY ARE YOU CHANGING EVERYTHING???


So in the end we had this:

Eggy bread, kisuri and salad

Eggy bread, kisuri and salad

Yeah, I know; the salad doesn’t make any sense on this plate but that’s because I had made it already, in mind to go with the steak ¬.¬

To conclude, laptop is dying, tailor is behind schedule on my clothes, mum changed my iftaari plans because we have things expiring and she wouldn’t let me have the Mr Kiplings I bought for dessert. Why? Her words of wisdom were:

Mum: You’re eating too much these days