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After the battle the day before I was determined to have my iftaar as I had planned it. I had marinated the steaks and left in the fridge so that was one less thing to worry about. But just as I began to get my veggies ready dad took out a couscous packet from his shopping bag and said he wants to make some. I couldn’t say no, especially since he would cook it himself and let me get on with my own thing.

(New) Menu:

Steak, roasted potatoes & vegetables, couscous and a side of salad

But as soon as I got into the kitchen mum physically stepped back and rested in the living room, but she made sure she kept an eye on me and reminded me about everything that could possibly need doing, even though I knew what I was how to do it.

Mum: Are you peeling the potatoes?

Me: Yes. Shouldn’t I be?

Mum: Well, maybe your dad wants the skin on

Me: Dad, do you want the skin kept on?

Dad: It’s up to you. I don’t mind.

Me: Mum, dad doesn’t mind.


Me: So should I keep the skin on or not?

Mum: Do as you wish

Me: ¬.¬


Mum: Remember to put on the foil

Me: Yes

Mum: You need to put the oil on all the veg

Me: I’m doing it now

Mum: And salt. You must put on salt.

Me: Oh mum, come on! I know that much!

Mum: But don’t use too much.

Me: O.o

Mum doesn’t have much faith in me. But it’s not because I mess up, it’s because I do things differently from how she does it. Add the salt later, put in more paprika, leave the lid off etc. And I know that when I do them it drives mum crazy and she has to intervene or comment. So making iftaar was difficult, so difficult I’m happy that it was the only iftaar I took charge of and that it was one of the last iftaars of Ramadan 2013.

It was a meal that was too stressful and painful to prepare. I wanted to enjoy the experience but things went wrong and I ended up jogging to the finishing line as opposed to going at full sprint. All because people had next to no trust in me, so I felt deflated.

2013 © Day 28 My iftaar

The potatoes were just a tad hard, the steak was more well done than I had hoped and everyone found it difficult to cut. I’m not saying it wasn’t fit for human consumption, just that you needed good jaws and patience. But it was seasoned well and still enjoyable.

But one thing I was happy with was the drink I made, which is a feat on its own because I was able to give it just the right amount of sweetness whilst fasting! 😀

Rose syrup drink: The white balls you see floating are basil seeds. I'll be putting up the recipe to this really simple 'n' quick beverage soon!

Rose syrup drink: The white balls you see floating are basil seeds. I’ll be putting up the recipe to this really simple ‘n’ quick beverage soon!

To end it all, I almost forgot about my treat from the day before (the Mr Kipling mum forbade me to eat) but I took it out for all. Turns out no one likes almond slices *gasp*

2013 © Day 28 dessert

I wonder why I bother at times with these lot…!